WPLMS Plugin 1.6.0 and VibeBP 1.6.0

Updated : 26 August 2021


1. Group directory
2. Login fix when firebase fails
3. PHP 8 fixes


1. PPT , Docs,XLS link correction in editor
2. Safari icons fix

WPLMS Plugin

1. Math equations in Question editor
2. MyCourses reload on package
3. php 8 fixes


Issues fixed :
1. White screen after login without loggedin menu or firebase config.
2. Chat trigger on page load not working correctly
3. Assign default member type to existing users without member type assigned

WPLMS Plugin

1. Sync course review fxies
2. Disable auto-allocation of free course : WP admin – LMS – Settings now enabled for v4
3. Quiz retake trigger fix
4. Hide settings and is_admin check, WPLMS Custom Nav now can use isRequired field type for coruse creation
5. Math equations in question options fixed.



Issues fixed :
1. White screen after login.
2. Stream video uploader not working
3. Drag to refresh triggers multiple events.

WPLMS Plugin

1. Upload handler media and package bug.
2. ADDED : Course Link Elementor block for course cards.
3. Star rating restricting course submission
4. Award Badge/Certificate on SCORM coruse completion
5. Complete button removed from SCORM / xAPI Course
6. Question hints bug
7. Edit curriculum should be on Network first Validate cache mode.
8. Instructor approval content not saving.

Vibebp 1.6.0

Features Added :

1. Massive improvement in Speed : Service Worker with Cache First strategy
2. Firebase Connect for Stale cache with Refresh option.
3. Drag to Refresh to refresh current view.
4. Slick Skin for VibeBP
5. Simultaneous Login detection with force logout [ Vibebp – Settings ]
6. Clear data option in Settings to clear saved data.
7. Improved score in PWABuilder [ 150 ]


Updates :
1. Notifications now with color options
2. Firebase Token generation option to integrate Linkedin Login [ coming up ]
3. Microsoft Login added
4. Standard Widgets can now be inserted in Dashboard for HTML.
5. Option to force logout user.
6. WC Account menu items fix with payment gateways
7. Show all Groups to Administrator
8. Revamped Dashboard with new Smoother animations & Packing.
9. WordPress Login function detection now working.
10. Strong password restriction in Account creation
11. WordPress login user functions detected.

Issues & Bug fixes

1. Messages screen improved UX.
2. Mobile UX improved.
3. Group avatars bug fix.
4. “Enter” key issue with New Message.
5. Scripts cache issue in PWA
6. PWA builder offline detection not working
7. Search and sorting improvements
8. Image caching inbuilt
9. Group avatar , profile avatar fixes
10. Package uploads with service worker enabled fix
11. Activity comments image bugs.


WPLMS Plugin 1.6.0 :

features added in 

1. Course Download option for Offline Viewing : All assets downloaded.
2. Inbuilt Gamification now available like Khan Academy. Tutorial
3. All Badges & Single badge pages with Profile badges / Card badges
5. SCORM Quizzes.
6. In built video caching available for courses

Updates :

1. Improved Quizzes
2. Faster Course status with offline capability
3. Instructor reviews improvments
4. Improved Badge Award and Gamification options.
5. Start / end quiz activity in Scorm quiz
6. Show submit quiz button on last question.
7. Improved icons in Attachments.

Issues & Bug fixes

1. Achievements – Course Activities Pagination fix
2. Assignment remarks translation bug fix
3. Vibe carousel bug fix with bootstrap 4
4. 1 star rating bug fix for courses
5. Gamipress not working
6. Remove Complete course button for already completed courses
7. Tabs not working in Course instructions
8.  Reviews not show in instructing courses
9. Assignment score missing in stats
10. Load more in achievements
11. Question shortcodes in posts not working.

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