WPLMS Plugin version 1.6.1 & VibeBP verison 1.6.1

VibeBP 1.6.1 Plugin

Features :
1. Gutenberg profiles & components & Directory blocks [pre-built layouts and components coming up in updates]
2. User Guided Tours. [pre-built tours to be added in updates]
3. Added Editor in Messages
4. Instructor content privacy now available in Vibebp – settings.
5. Table profile field.

Updated :
1. Removed Dashboard as Default Component. The First Profile menu item is the default component.
2. Remove in-between dashboard screen.
3. Enter in messages sends a new message.
4. Added a new BP App template for non-wplms theme setups.
5. App display mode added in Service worker manifest for Bottom tabs overlap issue.
6. Cover images added in VibeBP.
7. ELEMENTOR PRO Compatible .
8. ELEMENTOR Header and Footer supported.
9. Classes added in Card.
10. If BP Single page is set, do not load Logged in Profile in Single Member views.
11. Improved Drag to Refresh.
12. POT file updated.

Bug Fixes :
1. Removed temporary login screenview while logging in.
2. Removed click on User which opens login popup while validation is going on.
3. Service worker notice Dismiss leads to critical error
4. Warning fixes in PHP 8.08
5. Fetch media not enforced in cache first mode
6. Fixes on PWA header.
7. Time in site Elementor widget for profile returns error.
8. Latex Parse in VibeEditor
9. Dashboard widgets & layouts fixed.


WPLMS update 1.6.1

Features :

  1. MathJax in Questions.
  2. Import Math questions using Latex
  3. Elementor Units in Courses

Updates :

  1. Fatal error while migrating because of WPLMS Assignment fixed.
  2. Hide curriculum when course type is upload package.
  3. LMS – Settings- Instructor cna set gamification points for their  courses
  4. Gutenberg Course blocks
  5. Gutenberg course directory block.

Bug Fixes :

  1. Create course breaking in last step in incorrect product connection.
  2. Editor in question options.
  3. Related courses in Carousel
  4. Badge templates & appearance fix
  5. Color options in question links bug
  6. Course and unit changes not saving by instructor once changes are approved
  7. vc carousel featured style not working
  8. Course location and level fix
  9. Media popup fixes
  10. Custom icon for units filter added
  11. Elementor pro widgets fix
  12.  Dynamic questions doubled on page reload fix.
  13. Warning in Touch points screen.

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