WPLMS Setup Wizard Import content not loading

In the WPLMS Site setup wizard if you see a screen like this :

If you notice , the import Items Pages or Posts is missing. It means the importer failed to load a file from the internet. So, one simple fix for this is to simply reload the page.

Why the hell do I get this error ?

Think of it like, “choosing of a lesser evil”. We can bundle the import file in the theme to avoid these network issues. However, the WPLMS currently has 18+ demos and each demo import file has a size of 2.5mb, if we bundle all the files then the theme size increases many folds (~50MB+) and still it would depend on your server file permissions to make a correct import. The demo import files are hosted on Amazon servers with almost zero downtime but still this issue can happen as the WordPress reads the file from internet. If you face any issues we can help you with the installation.

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