Wplms user generated Quiz

Download plugin from here:  https://bit.ly/2LzHAaN

Feature :

This will add feature to allow user to choose the questions from their own selected tags .

Important note : 

1. Quiz should not be dynamic that is dynamic settings should not be enabled .Also there should not be any questions set in the quiz. 

2. This will not work for author of the quiz and for admins .It will work for students only . 

Download plugin form here .

To begin with simply add this [user_dynamic_quiz] shortcode in your quiz .

This will show a form in which user can select the quiz tags and number of questions and marks per question from that tag .

The shortcode has two parameters :

1. questions : to define number of question per tag forcefully   .This will disable the number of questions setting in the form .
[user_dynamic_quiz questions=”2″ ]

2. marks  : to define marks per question for each tag forcefully
[user_dynamic_quiz questions=”2″ ]

You can also use both the params to disable user to select number of questions and marks :
for this use shortcode like this :
[user_dynamic_quiz questions=”2″ marks=”2″]

this will show user 2 question with 2 marks per question .

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