WPLMS with W3 Total cache

WPLMS 2.1.1 update is fully compatible with W3 Total cache. We’re using W3 Total cache on our demos with page speed scores of 90+ ( https://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.vibethemes.com/1VAcZMm9 )

Steps :

  1. Install W3 Total Cache plugin.
  2. Enable Page caching.
  3. Enable Minification of CSS and JS files
  4. Enable gZip for HTML
  5. Do not enable Object caching or Database caching (disk based is not reliable)
  6. Do not enable page cache for logged in users

Updated : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.vibethemes.com/YVdLWPQj


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.01.46 AM

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  1. aspirenetwork

    This will be great as we are facing lot of issues using W3TC and correct settings are required. When to use WPLMS inbuilt cache and when/where to use W3TC is important to know, I will look forward for it.

  2. ateya3d

    Custom Fonts (Enter CSS Font Family name) Problem with W3 Total cache
    without W3 Total cache work
    after W3 Total cache not work ??

  3. aspirenetwork

    Great! This was helpful.

    But similar to ateya3d issue I am getting this error for the css font family name as–
    Font from origin ‘https://cdn.speaktoday.com’ has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘https://speaktoday.com’ is therefore not allowed access.

    Can you help me resolve this issue please? Thank you!

    1. ateya3d

      i thinkl now this is a problem or a bug need to be sloved ???

  4. Admin

    Thanks. We will test this on our setup and let you know the updates.

  5. ORM1

    We need to know whether this cashing is applicable with demo2 homepage as well or is it applicable for demo home page mentioned above.

  6. lynnpal

    I added W3 Total Cache to my WPMLS website but my admin was running very slow afterwards. I added Far Future Expiry and that made a big difference. Everything was running very fast. However, it was scrambling the pages, I was just getting a bunch of junk on the pages. I deactivated the W3 and everything was fine. Not quite as fast. GT metric is telling me to add expires headers, make fewer Http requests. etc. My Yslow score went from 100% to 74%. My speed is currently 4.4s which is much better than before but I would still like to fix these other issues. Any suggestions.

  7. omertarik96

    After activating W3 Cache dashboard widgets such as announcements are not working. Any suggestion?

  8. DaffRider

    Total Cache and Login Menu disapear (User connected but user panel hide and ‘LOGIN’ display BUT im connected ) on Courses Directory and reappear on Course page 🙁

    Strange same problem with Home Page

    I have apply same parameter like you in video
    Thx for your help

  9. luisabarwinski

    Hey guys..

    I can’t get W3 Total Cache to work on my WPLMS installaton. I followed the video instructions, but when I check on my website on Incognito or other browsers, it is badly broken. What should I do?


    1. Clear browser cache , resave permalinks and check again. If it does not help try disabling the minification of scripts and styles

  10. alexarosario

    Hi… Just tried doing this… Made a huge difference in my speed and page score, but now the home page navigation is all messed up. I unchecked inline under minify settings, but that didn’t fix it. Please help! Here’s what it looks like: http://prnt.sc/dy5li5 and here’s what it should look like (looks fine when logged out and in Chrome): http://prnt.sc/dy5lxx

    Please help!

  11. eshikhon

    When I activate W3total Cache Free unit for Non Logged in User not showing

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