Introduction to WPLMS-Sms-Notifications.

WPLMS-Sms-Notifications addon is useful to send the SMSs to the user whose number is verified in the profile section in WPLMS. It directly sends notifications to the users on the registered number.


  1. first, you need to install the WPLMS-Sms-Notifications plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin.

Twilio Setting:

  1. First, need to have an account on Twilio.
  2. so login/signup on Twilio.
  3. check:
  4. fill up your all details:
  5. after submitting all details, get your trial number from here check all:
  6. //

Backend Setting:

  1. Goto Wp-admin>>LMS>>Settings (check)-

Frontend Setting:

  1. Goto Profile Section>>Edit>> Enter the number according to the format given.
  2. Verify the Number by entering the OTP(which is sent to the number entered into the field).
  3. Save the changes.


  1. RagabSalem

    Where is this plugin
    you need to install the WPLMS-Sms-Notifications plugin.

  2. DanyLag

    Where is the plugin downloaded from WPLMS-Sms-Notifications ?

  3. Veronica

    Dear Users,
    This is drafted documentation about how to use plugin. This is still in the development phase. Not decided yet, when it is going to be launched. We are still working on this.
    Thanks for your patience

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