Course Pricing v4

Now, Everything is Managed from Frontend. You need to check how to create courses from Frontend and on the last step you'll find the option to add course price. There you need to add course Pricing and you are ready with a selling course on your site

There are three terms related to Course Pricing which we do use frequently

1. Private Course: If a course is private then only the author of the course can enroll the students in that course. There is no other way. 

The Courses Will show "Private Course" when the course is set as not a free course but still the woocommerce product is not associated with the course

2. Paid Course: When someone pay for the course only then he can access the course. For that, make sure your course should be connected with woocommerce product and the product should be assossciated with the course as well. After payment done successfully, users can access course curriculum.

3. Free course: This course can be accessed by anyone. Available for all users, no need to pay anything for this

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