One Framework for Web & Apps.

One App for Desktop, Tablet and Mobiles. A full featured App for Instructors, Students, Administrators, Parents, Corporates and any other custom member of your site.

No code required.

Easy one click app generation without any technical knowlege

Creating an app all by yourself in few easy clicks is possible with WPLMS.
All features inbuilt in the app

All Features

From Appointments, Bookings, Calendars, Drive, Knowledge base, and complete LMS. Plus any custom addon you develop.

Fast & Offline

Offline data caching, App runs faster than Native apps and provides consistent design across all App platforms

All User Roles

All user roles are supported by the App. Instructors can create courses , Students can pursue courses, quizzes and Administrators can manage stuff.

Education Editor

An Editor built specifically for Learning. With support for Math equations, Chemistry formulae and Physics Diagrams.

MicroLearning Games

Flashcards, Scratch Cards, HotSpots, Card Decks, Memory games and Image reveal, games which make learning fun.


An inbuilt point and badges system to make eLearning engaging and fun. Create a full scale badge system with rewards and points.

Export Course & Play in any LMS.
Trapped in LMS ? You've put your heart and soul in your course, WPLMS gives Freedom to host your course anywhere.

An LMS APP which runs on all devices.

The WPLMS's LMS app runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Samsung, iOS, Android, TV OS and more.

  1. Blazing fast UX
  2. Runs Offline even without internet.
  3. Capable of handling server crashes.
  4. Over 20 extensions from Drive, Calendar, Zoom meetings, bookings etc. 
  5. Customisable User dashboards.
  6. Course creator with custom Education editor
  7. Order management
  8. Profiles, Activities, Chat.
  9. Single user login detection, logs out from all other devices.
  10. Customisable colors, icons, tabs etc.
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