Unique Features

Features that make WPLMS stand out from the crowd.

These are unique features to WPLMS which make WPLMS Stand out from rest of the LMS.

Resilient Progressive Web App

A website which works like an App, feels like an app, installs like an App and works with or without internet. Built on App technology, the PWA are deemed as the future of the web. We at WPLMS is proudly present the benefits of technology to you in the field of Education.

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Conversion to Mobile App

Easily convert your WPLMS PWA into a mobile app and host on Play store or App store or Windows store. You do not need to write a single line of code to achieve this.

One App Framework

The WPLMS PWA automatically adapts according to user who is logging in. The dashboard shows different widgets, the profile menu can be customised. You can create unlimited member types and the users can login in the same app and view different screens, different controls.

This is one app for Administrator, Students, Instructors. Parents and any other member type you have created.

Education Editor

An editor built specifically for Education needs. Write math, chemistry equations just as you type your native language. Allow students to answer into different equations.

Inbuilt MicroLearning and gamification right inside the editor create for amazing gamification options.

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