Course Settings

The second section is the course settings, and perhaps the most important section while creating a course because in this section we controll all the course settings.

There are lots of settings present here and more settings are added depending upone the additional addons present in the website.

Following are some settings of the course:

=> Course Duration and duration parameter: Entering a value of 9999 or above shows “unlimited access” as time duration for course, otherwise it will show the time set by you in the course.

=> Set a prerequisite Course: Set a pre required course for the course. The course selected here, needs to be submitted and evaluated in order to get started with this course.

=> Previous Units/Quiz must be Complete before next unit/quiz access: As the name suggests if you enable this setting then the student will have to first complete the previous unti/quiz to move to the next unit/quiz.

=> Full units in Curriculum: This setting will allow users to see the full unit content from the course curriculum. Even the non logged in users will be able to see this content, therefore its recommended for only offline free courses.

=> Hide Course Button after subscription: This setting will hide the course button after the student is subscribed to the course. This setting is recommended for offline courses only.

=> Progress on Course home: This setting will show the course progress bar bellow the course button on single course page.

=> Time based Course progress: This setting will change the progress calculation process. The calculation will be based on the course duration.

=> Post Course reviews from Course Home: This setting will allow all the students to rate the course and leave a review of the course from the course homepage.

=> Course Evaluation Mode: This sets the course evaluation mode i.e. the course is manually evaluated or automatically evalauted.

=> Drip feed: Set Drip duration for the course. The drip duration is time period between successive units.

We’ll learn more about drip feed in drip feed course.

=> Course Certificate: Set the course certificate which students will receive after completing the course.

=> Course Badge: Set course badge which students will receive after completing the course.

=> Student Course Retakes: Enter number of retakes a student can make of that particular course

=> Maximum students that can join the Course: Enter Number of seats for the course. The Seats comprise of students currently taking the course. Once the seats are filled, a new student would not be able to join the Course.

=> Start Date: Set a Start date of the course. If set to a future date, the Course begins when the Start date arrives, that is student will be able to join the course only after the start date.

=> Course Completion Message: Enter a Completion message, which is shown to user when the user finishes the course or submits the course for evaluation.

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