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VideoConferencing in WPLMS

Learn how to enable VideoConferencing services in your WPLMS site and WPLMS APP.

WPLMS Batches

Learn how to effectively use WPLMS Batches,

User Emails and Notifications in WPLMS

In this course, we’ll learn about wplms touch points. Touch points act as a connection between students and instructors. There …

LMS Settings and Customizations in WPLMS in v4

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about how LMS Settings works and how customizations can be done in wplms using LMS. …

Managing Assignments in WPLMS v4

In this course, we’ll learn about how to manage the assignments in wplms. This course will include the evaluation of …

Pursuing Assignments

Learn how to pursue assignments/homework for your courses. How to locate assignments, submit assignments and see evaluation scores.Pursuing assignments in …

Connecting Course with Groups and Forums

In this course, we'll learn about how to connect course groups and course forums with courses as well.

Setting Up Course Pricing in WPLMS

In this course, we’ll learn about how to set prices for our courses in wplms. An instructor or an administrator …

Pursuing A Course in WPLMS v 3

This section covers all the aspects of Student pursuing a course in detail. Right from browsing the course, to purchasing, …

Setting Up Design Layouts And Customizations in V3 & v4

In this course, we'll Learn about setting up Design Layouts as well as how to customize the wplms theme.
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