Learn how to get started with the WPLMS student mobile app. This course is specifically for developers who are aware of Ionic apps.  The course begins once you’ve purchased the ionic source code from Codecanyon.WPLMS student mobile app     This course requires:

  1. Knowledge of Ionic 3 and Ionic setup
  2. Knowledge of Cordova plugins
  3. npm commands

In this course we will cover :

  1. Setting up Ionic project for WPLMS.
  2. Using WPLMS App download files from codecanyon
  3. Changing the App to map your site.
  4. Testing in Browser mode.
  5. Publishing for Android
  6. Publishing for IOS
  7. Testing in Devices
  8. Using Wallet for purchasing Courses

Review the course and share the feedback. We’ll love to get feedback from users and improve this course.

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