WPLMS Push Notifications


Extend WPLMS Touch points functionality into Push notifications. Contact and notify your students wherever, whenever. Every user can register one or more devices to the push notification account and they will get notification in all their devices, even if they’ve opened the site or not. If they’re connected to internet they will get your message. Push notifications plugin connects with WPLMS Touch points and Scheduled emails. So, you can send notifications to students :

  • Send marketing notifications to all users who every visited your site.
  • Notify student when unit is available in drip courses.
  • When the course is about to expire and they need to renew.
  • When Course, quiz, assignment results are available.
  • When instructor replied on their comment in a unit.
  • When an instructor makes an announcement or posts a course news.
  • When an instructor sends a direct message.
  • Notify Instructor when a student purchases their course.
  • When a student completes unit,quiz,course, assignments.
  • When student results are available.
  • When Administrator approves an instructor’s course.

and 28 more such notification areas.


  • Send notifications to users whether they’re using your site or not.
  • Send marketing notifications to all users at once.
  • Supports all devices, works offline. Notification show up when you’re online.
  • Revolutionary one-to-one push notifications
  • Notifications from Course – Admin area.
  • Track guest users
  • Integrate with 28 touch points and schedule areas in WPLMS.
  • Uses firebase for push notifications.
  • Built on react. Clean and secure code.
  • Stats added in version 1.1



Supported Browsershttps://caniuse.com/#search=push

Safari does not support push notifications, to use the alternate method of service workers you need an apple developer’s account which is $99/year, so Safari is not supported.

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