WPLMS Attendance

May 19,23by WPLMS

Attendance module for WPLMS. Track student attendance Setup attendance schedule for course. Manually or Automatically mark student attendance Statistics and …

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Vibe RazorPay Payouts

May 15,23by WPLMS

Automatically make payouts to your Instructors. Configure RazorPay Business account. Instructors get the option to setup their Bank accounts in …

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Vibe Stripe Payouts

May 14,23by WPLMS

Make payouts to your instructors via Stripe. Programmatically send payouts to your instructors using Stripe.  Make payouts to over 160 …

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Vibe WhatsApp

Feb 1,23by WPLMS

Connect WhatsApp with Vibe Social Network & WPLMS. All Notification triggers can send whatsapp notifications Connect WPLMS Notifications with WhatsApp. …

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Vibe Earnings

Nov 23,22by WPLMS

Earnings and Commissions module. 1. Set Commissions 2. Transfer Payouts 3. Dashboard Widgets 4. Commissions & payouts Module

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Vibe Instructor Memberships

Nov 16,22by WPLMS

Memberships plugin for Instrutcors. This is the next version of WPLMS Instructor MEmberships but it works for all Vibe Addons. …

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Vibe LinkedIn Login

Oct 22,22by WPLMS

Vibe Linkedin Login is a very interesting plugin. It creates an integration between WordPRess & Linkedin Login. Currently it supports …

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WPLMS WooCommerce Subscriptions

Oct 20,22by WPLMS

Integrate WooCommerce Subscriptions with WPLMS.  

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WPLMS Pre Course Quiz

Feb 19,22by WPLMS

Create a quiz which assigns users to courses based on their scores in the quiz. Just install and configure the …

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WPLMS Sell Quiz

Nov 25,21by WPLMS

Sell Quiz addon . Sell individual quizzes Sell Quiz bundles    

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