Wplms Attendance

Jan 18,19by

Attendance module for WPLMS. Features : Date selection for Attendance, or for all days. Auto-marking of attendance on login or …

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WPLMS WooCommerce Memberships

Jan 2,19by Ciara Renee

WPLMS WooCommerce membership addon plugin is developed for integrating the WPLMS theme with WooCommerce Memberships. This plugin will allow you …

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WPLMS Push Notifications

Nov 13,18by

Extend WPLMS Touch points functionality into Push notifications. Contact and notify your students wherever, whenever. Every user can register one …

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Jul 1,18by Ciara Renee

WPLMS Academy Migrate plugin is developed for the free experience to the users and will help in connecting all of …

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Jun 19,18by WPLMS

WPLMS Chat is a Live Chat module specifically built for for WPLMS. There are several features within the chat which …

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Apr 1,18by Ciara Renee

BP GROUPS IMPORT USERS plugin is designed and developed for free and for the ease of the people. A user …

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Wplms Grade Book

Mar 5,18by WPLMS

  This plugin is mainly for instructors and the site administrators. It allows instructors to get all the grades of …

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WPLMS Unit Timings

Feb 1,18by WPLMS

This plugin records the time that students are spending in your courses. This plugin provides very effective analytics for Instructors …

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WPLMS Application Forms

Jan 22,18by WPLMS

Wplms Application Forms is a wplms add-on for receiving the application forms from the students while applying for a particular course. The …

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Dec 20,17by Ciara Renee

WPLMS DWQA lets you understand the various problems according to units and courses as it adds questions and the users …

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