All Addons pack 1 site lifetime access

May 26,20

Add addons pack 1 site lifetime license. Pay using Instamojo for users based in India.

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WPLMS ActiveCampaign

Mar 4,20

Integrate ActiveCampaign with WPLMS. Auto create ActiveCampaign lists for all courses. Auto maintain lists for each course for each user. …

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WPLMS GroundHogg

Feb 12,20

Integrate GroundHogg CRM with WPLMS. Features : All communication via API Calls. So, you can keep groundhog CRM plugin in …

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WPLMS GetResponse

Feb 2,20

Integrate GetResponse with WPLMS. Auto create Getresponse lists for all courses. Auto maintain lists for each course for each user. …

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Wplms Custom Certificate Codes

Oct 10,19

Create custom Certificate codes for your certificates. Create Pattern based codes Define your custom pattern Apply pattern on existing certificates …

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WPLMS Appointments

Jun 5,19

Book Instructors in WPLMS. The WPLMS appointments are an appointment plugin built with a Calendar first approach.  Using appointments is …

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WPLMS Parent User

May 24,19

WPLMS Parent User feature. Set users as Parents or Guardians. Features Connect Users as Children or Parent/Guardians. Parent User Dashboard, …

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WPLMS PDF Certificates

Feb 19,19

Generate certificates in PDF , directly in the server. Works on Certificate templates. Test and Generate sample certificate. Works in …

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WPLMS User Generated Quiz

Feb 2,19

Allow users to generate quiz for themselves. They select the question tags from which they want to generate the quiz …

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WPLMS Quiz Certificates

Feb 1,19

Set Quiz certificates. Enable Students to get certificates for Quiz completions. Quiz Certificates Quiz score for Certificates Compatible with PDF …

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