WordPress LMS Front End Course Creation

Create courses from the Front end.

WPLMS comes with a powerful inbuilt front end course creation tool. Course creation is already a complex process, by using this feature you can avoid going back to the ugly WP admin screen and get all the controls for creating courses right on your site's front end. We at WPLMS use this tool for creating and managing courses even on our test sites. This is a reliable and clean way to manage your courses.




Advantages of using a Front End course creation tool


Keep everything organised

Front End Course creation tool helps in keeping things organised. All the course related content, videos, settings, pricing, certificates etc. is neatly organised and available under 1 single tool which you can use to create and manage your courses. 

It completely changes the way you work on your courses. 

You can easily locate the certificate connected to your course. You can easily edit the sections in your courses, add new units, videos in your course or change pricing of your course in just few clicks.


Hide the WP backend

Course building already a complex process, a front end tool like this helps your instructors in learning it easily.

Keep your Instructors focussed on Course building rather than learning WordPress

With supporting features like Course creation templates feature and Tours/Walkthrough feature you can also hide irrelevant settings and train your instructors on how to use this front end tool.


Connect Components

WPLMS being a Social network gives you various advantages like groups, forums, chat, discussions, questions & answers.

Create & Connect custom groups, forums, events, chat and other modules with your course

Rather than creating all these modules from their own creation system, the front end panel provides a one stop shop for creating and linking components like forums, groups, events , chat etc.



Front end panel providers an easy way to manage course pricing from its pricing sub-panel.

Connect course pricing and other options

Not only does this panel provide the option to set a price for the course, you can connect memberships to allow auto-subscription of membership users in the course, you can allow users to purchase a course via points if you've enabled points sytem in WPLMS, invite course application forms where students fill a form to apply and instructors manually select which student to select, right from the front end panel.


Approval System

You can enable an approval system where any new course publish first undergoes an approval process by the Administrator of the site.

Allow Administrators more control on published courses

Whenever an Instructor creates or makes edit to a course, it needs to be approved by Administrator before being published on the site. The administrator and instructor gets duly informed automatically when changes are submitted and approved via inbuilt touch points system.

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