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To export users from one website and import it to another website, you should cr
For this feature, make sure the Buddypress “Private Messaging” Compo
Changing Course Status option is also available for a particular user or you can
In case, the course access duration is set as 10 days. So, after 10 days users w
Make sure in the course, assign certificate/badge should be enabled and certific
While going through the units, users(students) enrolled in that course can ask q
The course reviews can be checked under “Review” Tab. After Course C
Instructors can add Announcements here which they want to circulate among course
Clicking on this Tab, instructors can check the student’s activity and the
This will show the stats which is related to the student. statistics basically s
In case, Instructor wants to reset the progress of the course for a specific stu
As you know, now everything is managed From this Area(Member’s Area). Admi
There is a new feature introduced that you will receive notifications for each a