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In this video we see how to setup Footer in WPLMS.  
How to setup mobile menu in WPLMS.  
In this article we will see how to make code level customisations in the project


Plugin Updates September 8, 2023
Version 1. Removed IP Check filter by default 2. Added provision in WP a
WPLMS plugin update contains 1 new features Duplcate Courses & sligh Plugin update was live. 1. Fatal error fix with BP 11.3.1 2. Questions e

Zoom meeting not created

August 25, 2023
Likely due to incorrect zoom credentials. If meeting host is not displayed even
This happens becuase of token structure update.  Solution : 1. Go to WP adm
VibeBP  Bug Fixes 1. Social login token update [ Social log
Since we are no longer providing automatic updates to users with WPLMS verison.