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WPLMS Theme VibeBP WPLMS Plugin


Update Log December 7, 2023
WPLMS 1. [FIXED]  new schema error fix 2. [FIXED] custom unit title 3. [FIX
VibeBP  1. [UPDATE]  New Addons added 2. [BUG] WC Cart page events syn

WPLMS 4.93

Update Log November 1, 2023
WPLMS Theme update: 1. PHP 8.2 warning fixes 2. WC cart template updated 3. Outd
for this please add this code in your wplms customizer plugin -> wplms-custom
In case you wish to show unit attachment in Unit   — add_filter(̵
VibeBP Member popup overflow & height activity time parsing option C
WPLMS is GDPR compliant. Here are the steps : 1. The user can request for Export
This is the migration plugin to migrate your courses and students from Tutor LMS
Please add this custom code in wplms-customizer.php in wplms customizer plugin :
You can use inbuilt Form shortcode for sending emails. This shortcode can be use
The below code checks if the current user has a Membership Level and deactivates
In this video we see how to setup Footer in WPLMS.  
How to setup mobile menu in WPLMS.  
In this article we will see how to make code level customisations in the project