WPLMS 4.94, VibeBP


  1. Setup Wizard fixes, Elementor not installing
  2. BuddyPress 12 support
  3. BP classic added as a requirement
  4. Redirect to course bug fix


  1. Registration Form bugs fixed
  2. All members pase date bug fix
  3. Group tabs feature & bug fix
  4. Fallback Avatar file fix added
  5. WPML filters for multilingual group name translation
  6. default group section show mygroups
  7. Minimise Sidebar missing in components
  8. Datetime picker support for multiple languages
  9. Firebase integration fix
  10. Math in Editor fixes
  11. BP 12 compatibility fixes

WPLMS Plugin

  1. PHP error in activity
  2. Change activity comment h3 tag to strong
  3. option to disable scroll to top
  4. Once set, Forums not removed in units bug
  5. Line break added in question hints
  6. Allow video upload in Assignment remarks
  7. Translations updated