Apple login with Vibe App

To enable Apple login, you need to have an Apple developer account which costs $99 per year.

1. Then you need to create an App in your Developer account.
2. Configure the certificates section of the App. See : , make sure you enable Authorised Domains which would require an additional step.

3. Also, make sure you enable signin with Apple : , you will need to enter the Auth callback url which you need to copy from firebase project.

4. Login to your firebase project, and go to Authorisation – Sign in Tab. Enable Apple and you will be see a screen to copy the oAuth url :

5. Use this same URL in the App signin with Apple configuration :

6. Now, enable Apple as signin option in WP admin – Vibebp – Settings – General


  1. this does not work at all. i followed your steps and it is very complex to find these settings.

    many parts missing like
    how to create service id’s
    how to find the certificate, profile and identifiers
    how to create keys in identifier
    the auth URL
    the domain name and subdomain
    the callback URL for sign in

    a video of the steps could be more helpful.

    with showing proper URL of the apple

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