WPLMS 5.0 RoadMap

This might be a little early as we are into 4.2 & WPLMS plugin v 1.7 only. The plan is entire 4.x series of WPLMS will be focussed on improving and bug fixing in the current WPLMS framework. We expect to reach WPLMS 5.0 in later half this year.

Remaining parts in 4.x

  1. Full compliance with WP 6.3 & Full site editing. The theme will provide an option to convert to an FSE theme or a non-FSE theme in options panel & setup wizard.
  2. Features polishing & presentation. Many included features in 4.0 are not announced like live contests etc.
  3. New Demos and Full Gutenberg compatibility. [ Live ]
  4. Report generator : pending.

The work on 5.0 has started quite a while ago, data is already being collected in 4.x versions for effective AI modules. The 5.0 series will be mostly focussed on including AI in WPLMS.

  1. AI powered units. Units using AI for completion.Units which match image, detect movement, detect sound patterns to mark completion and proceed to next.
  2. AI Powered questions : Question detecting movement, screen matching, Question which detect sound patterns and present score. [ Live ] 
  3. AI powered curriculum : Adaptable Courses – Auto-curriculum design based on user’s progress. An instructor will only select unit tags and based on user’s completion the curriculum will be designed by AI for every user.
  4. AI powered quizzes : The quizzes will automatically generate the question pattern for the user. An instructor will only select question tags and based on user’s progress the question set will be designed based on the AI strategy selected by the instructor. [  Live ] 
  5. Exportable Courses : Export & Run your course in any xapi LMS.

We will also launch the plugin version of WPLMS in the first half to be used with any theme. Along with the Vibe Framework which will be posted on Wp.org.


  1. I want to know how to make a booking slot for multiple students as a small group class ?
    The existing booking system was providing a slot that could be booked by only one students.
    So it’s hard for me to teach a small group class.
    ASAP, reply to me.

  2. With version 4.4, The Quiz shows any correct answers after they submited course . Could you add more option can hide correct answers only show pass or failed! Because I don’t want any students know correct answers. Thank you!

  3. Hello any news about the official date of wplms 5.0 wi still on the 4.8 and we are getting impatient to a real futures responsive & mobile first (thing is not totally true on the 4.8

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