Alignment in carousels

Following css corrects the alignment in carousels :     ul.slides{ display: flex; } .block.courseitem{ display: flex; flex-direction: column;height: calc(100% – 10px); } .block.courseitem .block_content{flex: 1; display: flex; flex-direction: column;}.block_desc{flex:1} .block.course8 .block_content .course_meta { display: flex; flex-direction: row-reverse; align-items: center; justify-content: space-between; }


3.9.9 Updated : Plugin versions. Fixed : Passing score in react quizzes React quiz not working with partial marking and negative marking Single event page not working fix FORUM sends users to page 404 Correct answer flagged as wrong, Special charecters in answer doesnt work properly. (USE REACT QUIZZES) Fill […]

WPLMS Roadmap

As we get close to the release of WPLMS 4.0 it is important to define the roadmap for future of WPLMS. I will list down the most interesting things first of what is coming up and then what can be expected and what are other possibilities : Coming Up 4.0 […]

Add a HelloBar like notifications section in WPLMS

A hellobar notification is something which appears above the header. It is very useful functionality and can be implemented very easily in WPLMS. refer screenshot : Copy and Past this code in your child theme :   A setting is added in WP admin – WPLMS – Header […]

Assignment End Date

In WPLMS Assignments update we’ve added a new feature “Assignment End Date”. To enable this, you need to go to WP Admin – LMS – Settings and enable   Once this setting is enabled, you will see below setting in each assignment : In the front end editor : […]

Coming up next : Exportable Courses in WPLMS

WPLMS is a framework which keeps the Instructor at the centre of the Education verse. We’ve always focussed on how to make things easier for the Instructor , whether its building courses, or discussions or even appointments. Yet, there was one crucial aspect which was missing : “Independence” from platforms, […]

WPLMS Attendance 1.3

WPLMS Attendance has been updated to version 1.3 with a brand new ID card builder. The ID cards are built in PDF so they can be printed on any format. To create an ID card, simply go to WP Admin – LMS – Settings   Enable the checkbox and click […]

SCORM Compliance

With the WPLMS 3.9.5 update, we’re now fully SCORM compliant. Earlier you were able to embed SCORM packages with out the ability to track scores or completion data. With the update, you’ll now be able to embed and track Completion (passed/failed), Quiz scores and Progress of users in the SCORM […]