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WPLMS Theme Update 4.92

WPLMS 4.92 theme was live.

  1. New OneInstructor demo was live :
  2. PHP warnings & notices fixed
  3. WooCommerce Cart template updated
  4. Group layout fixes



  1. WooCommerce Template updates
  2. Gutenberg removed from Widget Area
  3. Active sidebar check to remove sidebar on pages / taxonomies where not required.
  4. Patchstack reported patch for customizer import security fix.

Apple login with Vibe App

To enable Apple login, you need to have an Apple developer account which costs $99 per year. 1. Then you need to create an App in your Developer account. 2. Configure the certificates section of the App. See : , make sure you enable Authorised Domains which would require an additional step. 3. Also, make sure you enable signin with Apple : , you will need to enter the Auth callback url which you need to copy from firebase project. 4. Login to your firebase project, and go to Authorisation - Sign in Tab. Enable Apple and you will be see a screen to copy the oAuth url : 5. Use this same URL in the App signin with Apple configuration : 6. Now, enable Apple as signin option in WP admin - Vibebp - Settings - General

WPLMS 5.0 RoadMap

This might be a little early as we are into 4.2 & WPLMS plugin v 1.7 only. The plan is entire 4.x series of WPLMS will be focussed on improving and bug fixing in the current WPLMS framework. We expect to reach WPLMS 5.0 in later half this year. Remaining parts in 4.x
  1. Full compliance with WP 6.3 & Full site editing. The theme will provide an option to convert to an FSE theme or a non-FSE theme in options panel & setup wizard.
  2. Features polishing & presentation. Many included features in 4.0 are not announced like live contests etc.
  3. New Demos and Full Gutenberg compatibility. [ Live ]
  4. Report generator : pending.
The work on 5.0 has started quite a while ago, data is already being collected in 4.x versions for effective AI modules. The 5.0 series will be mostly focussed on including AI in WPLMS.
  1. AI powered units. Units using AI for completion.Units which match image, detect movement, detect sound patterns to mark completion and proceed to next.
  2. AI Powered questions : Question detecting movement, screen matching, Question which detect sound patterns and present score. [ Live ] 
  3. AI powered curriculum : Adaptable Courses - Auto-curriculum design based on user's progress. An instructor will only select unit tags and based on user's completion the curriculum will be designed by AI for every user.
  4. AI powered quizzes : The quizzes will automatically generate the question pattern for the user. An instructor will only select question tags and based on user's progress the question set will be designed based on the AI strategy selected by the instructor. [  Live ] 
  5. Exportable Courses : Export & Run your course in any xapi LMS.
We will also launch the plugin version of WPLMS in the first half to be used with any theme. Along with the Vibe Framework which will be posted on

Vibe PWA Framework : WPLMS Apps on iOS , Android & Microsoft

The WPLMS Project is built on the Vibe PWA Framework for WordPress. We have some great news, now you can publish Apps using the Vibe PWA framework on all platforms. Try out these apps : iOS : Android : Windows : This presents a case with tremendous possibilities for the Vibe PWA framework. You get a lot of benefits like : a. Develop once, get in all apps b. All apps at once for all devices c. all apps at once for all platforms d. All apps at once for All member types We are working on some really interesting projects for the Vibe Framework and it means once it is complete, you will get those features on all platforms without spending extra $ for the Apps. PWA are also perfectly suited for distributed environments like the server-less platforms and the distributed apps. Upcoming in Vibe Framework
  1. Purchase Process inside PWA [ Android / iOS ]
  2. All directories inside PWA [ Members complete, Groups complete ]
  3. AI powered Worksheets Addon [ December 2021 ]
  4. Classrooms Addon [ Releasing soon ]
  5. Video Recording capabilities inside PWA, video already live. [ releasing soon ]
  6. Exportable Courses [ releasing soon ]
Further sections we are working on and which will be working on in 2022 :
  1. AI powered Curriculum for Adaptive Courses.
  2. AI powered Quizzes for adaptive Quizzes.
  3. Proctored Quizzes with face detection.
  4. Simple Games builder in Education.
Further exploration :
  1. An educational CRM
  2. Complete School Management on WPLMS
We are really excited to showcase the power of the Vibe PWA platform and give the best of the technology to our customers. Thank you for supporting the WPLMS Project. izmir escort

WPLMS 4.0 impact on Site speed

We now reach 6 months of launch of WPLMS version 4.0 series. And as we gear up for the next year 2021 , we are now "really" excited to show/prove why we revamped our entire architecture to version 4.  The evolution of web never stops and things where were earlier un-imaginable in version 3 of WPLMS are now possible. As version 4 gets stable and even though there are bugs one can not ignore the over improvement in the User experience and speed.  The rules of the web are changing fast and we wanted WPLMS customers to be on top of things when these rules change.  We did track the overall improvement in our main site and the impact is satisfying. Reaching to a site speed core of 90+ from Google insights tool for mobile was earlier not possible in version 3 of WPLMS. This is now possible in version 4. I will share 2 images here : [caption id="attachment_322682" align="alignnone" width="874"] Version 3 WPLMS speed, the max we could reach was 24[/caption] Versus the WPLMS version 4 speed comparison [caption id="attachment_329542" align="alignnone" width="920"] WPLMS version4 [ Check latest lab data ][/caption]  Clearly the Wplms version 3 was not optimised for the modern web and while we are still working on further improving the above metric in version 4, we are slowly reaching where other WP themes are unable to reach. We did a short video on how we reached this score on a brand new WP site : If you simply compare this above metric  with WP themes which claim to be fastest WordPress themes, WPLMS is still comparable to the fastest themes. One of the major things which changed in version 4 was eliminating our dependency from jQuery, cookies, sessions and moving to a JWT login system built for scalability. There are some amazing technologies which have emerged in 2020 like the serverless / JAMstack and WPLMS version 4 is fully equipped to handle these. takipçi satın al takipçi satın al takipçi satın al takipçi satın al takipçi satın al sosyal medya paneli escort izmir

WPLMS Roadmap [Complete]

As we get close to the release of WPLMS 4.0 it is important to define the roadmap for future of WPLMS. I will list down the most interesting things first of what is coming up and then what can be expected and what are other possibilities : Coming Up 4.0 : 
  1. Ultra fast loading [ <-- Live --> ]
  2. Brand new UI [ <-- Live --> ]
  3. Focus on Mobile browser Support and content creation via tablets/phones. [ <-- Live --> ]
  4. Major UX changes. [ <-- Live --> ]
  5. UX change for BuddyPress, new Template pack. [ <-- Live --> ]
  6. Elementor Profile , Nav Menu for Profile Menu. [ <-- Live --> ]
  7. Profile System, everything works in profile area. [ <-- Live --> ]
  8. Use WPLMS with any theme without impacting other areas. [ <-- Live --> ]
  9. Offline support for web ( no internet, no problem) [ <-- Live --> ]
  10. Exportable course [ Industry standard, Migrate to Other LMS ] [ COMING SOON ]
  11. Cacheable Content [ <-- Live --> ]
  12. Cloudflare Rocket loader support [ <-- Live --> ]
  13. Front end Content editor built for Online education. [ <-- Live --> ]
  14. WPLMS Custom Video Player [ <-- Live --> ]
  15. In-built Chat with online members. [ Firebase ] [ <-- Live --> ]
  16. Inbuilt Social Login system 11 social logins supported. [ Firebase ] [ <-- Live --> ]
  17. RealTime notifications [ Firebase ] [ <-- Live --> ]
  18. Custom JWT login system [ <-- Live --> ]
  19. User specific Dashboard - user can remove/add/resize widgets in front end. [ <-- Live --> ]
  20. HelpDesk Addon - convert BBPress into helpdesk [ <-- Live --> ]
  21. Calendar Addon - all calendars in one place , events, appointments. [ <-- Live --> ]
  22. Knowledgebase addon - wiki and help addon. [ <-- Live --> ]
  23. Projects Module - Trello like module.[ COMING SOON ]
Videos releasing soon, I will add the links as they're released.   Expected Feature set to be available later on:
  1. New Unit Types: Code Editor, Slides, Video Quiz.
  2. Video Conferencing Module
  3. Video Recording capabilities in Units/Assignments/Quizzes,Questions.
  4. Variable Curriculum : Unlike singular, design a flowchart like curriculum
  5. Group questions
  6. Quizzes with Sections
  7. Timeless Courses - Exportable  with inbuilt course editing tools ( no need for LMS, maintainable, timeless courses ).
Possibilities :
  1. Artificial Intelligence in  Quizzes , Courses , adapt with learners pace.
  2. Machine learning based modules like : Image recognition [mljs]
  3. Virtual Reality content in Units [ React360]
  What prompted the shift :  WPLMS is still the most advanced theme and education platform on WordPress. But an aspect of technology is that it is ever evolving it is time for WPLMS for a change. Back when we released WPLMS it was using the stable technologies available at that time. Progressive enhancements in any software can only take you so far but a time comes when there is a need for a paradigm shift. The WordPress 5.0 released in 6th December 2018, BuddyPress 5.0, September 30, 2019. Both of these changes focus on WordPress as a HeadLess CMS which meant everything in WordPress is possible via API's and ReactJS became core part of WordPress. These were favourable conditions for WPLMS revival. During the times of COVID19 , there is no denying that online education has gained more importance than ever.  However, there is a  dearth affordable LMS solutions in the education industry. Almost all of WordPress based LMS solutions are an anomaly in the online Education sphere. As leading LMS in WordPress we have to compete with LMS systems outside of WordPress as well. Over the past years, we've gained a lot of knowledge, seen thousands of use cases, studied our competition, assessed the requirements of users and know the limitations of technologies. Thus the 4.0 version will bring about a platform on which we can develop further. Our Roadmap would easily explain what all is possible in the new WPLMS.   Vision :  An affordable LMS solution which meets the technology standards of the time !

Coming up next : Exportable Courses in WPLMS

WPLMS is a framework which keeps the Instructor at the centre of the Education verse. We've always focussed on how to make things easier for the Instructor , whether its building courses, or discussions or even appointments. Yet, there was one crucial aspect which was missing : "Independence" from platforms, instructors should always be in-charge of the content they create. Hence, our upcoming feature "Exportable Courses", of course it comes with the flexibility of creating your very own course in your favorite page builder ( Elementor or divi ). With this remarkable development WPLMS can also be used as a Course authoring tool ( similar to Articulate Rise or Adobe captivate ), you will be able to export your courses as SCORM or xAPI compliant course and run in any spec. compliant LMS's. The idea is that exported Courses will be independent packages, capable of running in any environment. Of course, all the backend ( LRS or WPLMS ) details will be recorded at the time of exporting the course. We're also looking into the possibility of encrypting the course contents with a unique key, making the resources and confidential ( quiz answers) data secure. What do you think about this ? Share your thoughts.

SCORM Compliance

With the WPLMS 3.9.5 update, we're now fully SCORM compliant. Earlier you were able to embed SCORM packages with out the ability to track scores or completion data. With the update, you'll now be able to embed and track Completion (passed/failed), Quiz scores and Progress of users in the SCORM packages. We've tested our SCORM test with Adobe Captivate, Articulate Rise and iSpring and all have consistent results.   See this link for details :

WPLMS will be back in Themeforest !

[UPDATE] WPLMS is back on Themeforest. Today we saw this. This is so irresponsible of Envato. [Earlier .... a sleepless weekend] WPLMS theme is soft disabled in Themeforest. But there is no need to worry and we will be back on themeforest soon. adana elit escort bayan There are 2 reasons why this happened :
  1. There was some copyright issue in our Demo16 design because of which we have to remove the demo16 design from WPLMS. Note that it is only the design part so no code related things were involved. During the design process for taking inspiration from sites we un-knowingly copy design elements and somethings this can look very similar despite being built saperately.
  2. The Envato Theme review plugin is showing few errors and warnings like multiple text domains in theme code. Use of few standard functions like esc_html , esc_url etc. where it is required. The Envato has made some things mandatory for all themes recently.
We've made the fixes and uploaded on Themeforest within hours of the report. However, the Envato theme review process takes a longer time. Since the issues are complex / technical in nature, they're reviewed by Envato review specialists which seems to be taking lot of time.   This is what we see in our dashboard. This is the article read more links to :   There is no reason to panic, this happens as Envato wants us to look into some things urgently which is beneficial for the theme and project. WPLMS has been soft disabled in the past several times and we come back everytime.

Moodle to WPLMS Migration now available !

You can now migrate courses from Moodle to WPLMS. Moodle the most popular open source solution for education sites and there are many sites using Moodle. Since it has a lot of options we've mapped all those options with WPLMS Course structure as a lot of functions are similar in nature. However, the plugin is currently in Beta mode. The current version imports lessons, quizzes, questions, assignments, sections, feedbacks, Students and their progresses from a Moodle course into the WPLMS. Please check this tutorial and share your feedback with us. You can share your Moodle course for example and we can test it as well.

Drag Drop Certificate Builder for WPLMS

In WPLMS PDF Certificates addon version 1.1 we've added the drag and drop certificates builder interface. You can get this plugin from here (free) :   Upcoming features in next updates :
  • QR Code in Certificates for unique identification
  • 2nd Page on Certificate with Course result and Instructor remarks.
  How to activate for Updates When you complete checkout , you'll get an email with the plugin and license key. You'll need the license key for updates, so make sure you activate the plugin using the license key from WP Admin - LMS - Addons. Watch this video :   I am sure many of you will have the following question. Why not include it in main WPLMS ? This was one of the most wanted features in WPLMS and we are still reluctant to include PHP based PDF generation because it consumes a lot of server memory. So, slow servers might not support PDF generation on the fly. Even servers with good configuration might not support simultaneous generation of multiple PDFs. The Certificate builder exists to support the PDFs and will be added to main WPLMS in future updates.

WPLMS S3 Update version 2.2

  • not all files showing in s3 library fix

*privacy not working fix

*delete file bug fix

*pagination fix

*bucket not specified bug fix

WPLMS Facebook Group, Interact with us, share feedback and ideas

As developers we really want to spend more time on development and less time on writing articles, blog posts and email campaigns and marketing stuff.  But we do understand this leads to a gap between our customers and development team. We know our users want to be informed what we're working on and share their ideas and feedback and even consult each other. Forums are no longer an interactive way for this kind of information, you need to login then create topic and then wait for our updates. Most of the time, the team is really busy in either development or in support topics which leads to our ignoring of such important tasks.   There we're adding a facebook group to VibeThemes page. İstanbul Escort Bayanlar This is the link : Please do join and participate with us. You can share any thought with us. Any thing which gets finalised will go to the trello log.

Premium Addons now available for Free Trial 30 days.

We're introducing a new feature called "Free Trials" in WPLMS 3.7 version. You will be able to try our premium addons right to your WPLMS Site for Free for 30 days. The motive is to allow users to try out several premium plugins before purchase and get to know about what the plugin can do and how it can enhance the theme feature set. adana gecelik escort   Currently only 1 trial per plugin is available for 30 days. After the trial period is over which you will get a warning message in your dashboard which gets removed as soon as you activate the corresponding plugin with its license key ( ? ). For any query or update you can write to me at [email protected]