Custom Tabs in Vibe Zoom

Requires Vibe Zoom 1.4.1+ This is a code tip, so you should be comfortable in adding the code. The example considers that you will categorise these meetings using the “custom_key” meta_key. Paste below code in child theme – functions.php

WPLMS Plugin 1.3.2

Maintenance update [BugFix] Apply for course not working [Bugfix] Manual completion of assignment from course admin does not complete assignment [Update] Instructor Quiz remarks now visible in Evaluated Quizzes [Bugfix] Auto scroll to top when unit switches [Bugfix] Hide courses not working [Bugfix] Pmpro membership not showing complete data [Bugfix] […]

VibeBp 1.3.1

Maintenance and bug fixes BP Notifications not displaying text BP Group creation not working Uploader not working when logged in via WP Login sync Member Control [ Moderators/ Administrators / Kick / ban / promote] features added in Groups Live Notifications via firebase not working. Chat invite live notifications not […]

WPLMS 1.3.1

[ADDED] Finished Course report in Achievements. [Updated] Course Retake button added. [BugFix] Quiz questions missing on editing bug fix. [BugFix] Email filter in LMS – Settings

WPLMS 4.085, Vibebp 1.3, WPLMS Plugin 1.3

This is an incremental update. Some of the planned features are now available. Important bugs have been fixed. Compatibility of older functions on no-jquery bootstrap mode has been added. This brings 1 step closer to the 4.1 update. WPLMS Theme [Update] OffLoad fonts option added. Recommended enabling of this. Legacy […]

Vibe Calendar 1.2

Bug fixes update and improved UX. Invites bug fixed. Remove invites option option added. Option to add new calendars, now supports BigBluebutton meetings calendar, Zoom meetings calendar

Vibe BBB 1.4

Vibe BBB version 1.4 is an incremental update. We added direct link for meetings. Calendar support in Vibe Calendar 1.2 Supports direct links to meetings [ for appointments and calendar integration ] BBB Meetings appear in Vibe Calendar

WPLMS 1.2.2

Quiz Fixes update [Added Feature] New Export Questions formats [ ] [Added] New Importer for handling new question formats [Fix] Negative markings in Quiz [Fix] Answer explanation not appearing [fix] Loading icon on manual quiz evaluation triggers for saving marks [Fix] Single Quizzes fetch questions fallback for older versions […]