VibeBP and Vibe Appointments

Latest Update : 1. Profile field shortcode added [profile_field name=”XX” id=”XX”] for addition in Elementor Profile templates or Gutenberg templates 2. Popup fix for Profile complete Z-index 3. Profile Wall fixes 4. [Feature] Masking Feature in Video player – shows user’s name on video play randomly for screen record prevention […]

WPLMS 4.4 , VibeBP 1.8.6 , WPLMS Plugin 1.8.5 updates

WPLMS theme Certificate fix for validator CSS fixes VibeBP [Feature] Bulk upload users in group via CSV. [Updated] Default fields , member type support in Registration form in the Login panel. [Coming up] Cart API WooCommerce [Fix] Send Message action button [Fix] Send Message action button [Fix] Avatar component fix […]

CSS for registration forms

Below CSS for make an elegant looking Registration form.   css below : ——————————————   #signup_form fieldset { display: none; } #signup_form .field-visibility-settings-toggle,#signup_form  .field-visibility-settings-close, #signup_form .field-visibility-settings-notoggle,#signup_form  .clear-value{ display: none; } #signup_form{ padding:1rem;background:#fff; border:1px solid var(–border); border-radius:5px; } #signup_form select,#signup_form input[type=”text”],#signup_form input[type=”email”],#signup_form input[type=”password”] { border: 1px solid var(–border); padding: 0.5rem; display:flex;border-radius:5px; […]


PHP 8 compatibility fixes Deprecated warnings BuddyPress 10 compatibility Default layout section for Courses, profiles and cards

VibeBP 1.8.5

1.8.5 PDF Player issue on tab swiching fix Wallet component added for in-App purchase handling. [Tutorial coming] 1.8.4 Custom PDF Player added Mobile compatibility for PDF Group activity post bug fix Not ABC found only when initial load has finished 1.8.3 Firebase Realtime notifications removed. [were no longer used] VibeBP […]

WPLMS 5.0 RoadMap

This might be a little early as we are into 4.2 & WPLMS plugin v 1.7 only. The plan is entire 4.x series of WPLMS will be focussed on improving and bug fixing in the current WPLMS framework. We expect to reach WPLMS 5.0 in later half this year. Remaining […]

Vibebp 1.7.2 , WPLMS 1.7.1

Vibe BP 1.7.2 repeatable field crashing profile field repeating on update Speed improvements : Modify BP template, do not enqueue unnecessary BP scrtips/files Empty settings warning fix WPLMS 1.7.1 Quiz leaderboard crashing sql query corrections for warning fixes Assign quiz updated Avatars issue in stats Vibe BP 1.7.1 WooCommerce order […]

WPLMS 4.2 Theme update

The WPLMS 4.2 update of WPLMS theme is live. While the Theme is mostly decoupled with The plugins which have majority functionality there are some changes in the latest upated. 1. PHP 8 compatibility 2. Deprecated notices fixed 3. BBPress styles updated 4. POT Translations updated