WPLMS will be back in Themeforest !

[UPDATE] WPLMS is back on Themeforest. Today we saw this. This is so irresponsible of Envato. [Earlier …. a sleepless weekend] WPLMS theme is soft disabled in Themeforest. But there is no need to worry and we will be back on themeforest soon. There are 2 reasons why this happened […]

Moodle to WPLMS Migration now available !

You can now migrate courses from Moodle to WPLMS. Moodle the most popular open source solution for education sites and there are many sites using Moodle. Since it has a lot of options we’ve mapped all those options with WPLMS Course structure as a lot of functions are similar in […]

Show Custom featured block in Course directory

Add following code in Child theme – functions.php , you can change the featured block style to any of the available blocks like course, course2,course3,course4,course5,course6,course7,course8,course9, post, side, image_only, blogpost,generic,generic_card,simple, general,block_card or you can leave it blank as well. To change this change the featured_block=”XXXX” , replace XXXX with any of […]

Custom Registration forms in WPLMS

FOR WPLMS 2.3+ versions We have added a new feature called “Registration Forms”. Registration forms can be used to register new users in your site. The forms work in conjunction with BuddyPress profile fields, so you define the fields in Profile fields section and use them in the registration forms. […]

Drag Drop Certificate Builder for WPLMS

In WPLMS PDF Certificates addon version 1.1 we’ve added the drag and drop certificates builder interface. You can get this plugin from here (free) : https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-pdf-certificates/   Upcoming features in next updates : QR Code in Certificates for unique identification 2nd Page on Certificate with Course result and Instructor remarks. […]

Multi row Carousels

In WPLMS 3.9.1 update you will now see a new feature to set Carousel rows. By default the number of rows is set to 1. The row selection is available in Page Builder, Visual composer and Elementor elements.    

Change display order of courses in Sidebar of instructor widget

After adding this code in child theme – functions.php, you can use the Page order value in course to custom order the courses in the Instructor widget. The higher the value, the higher the priority. add_filter(‘bp_instructor_widget’,function($args){ $args[‘orderby’]=’menu_order’; $args[‘order’]=’DESC’; return $args; });