Hide quiz print button

The WPLMS 1.6.3 comes with print quiz results button. In case you want to hide it use this CSS in custom CSS : .incoursequiz_details .buttons > .button:last-child { display: none; }

Remove achievements from Courses

Add following code, to remove Achievements from Courses and then reload buddypress navigation from WP admin – vibebp – settings – buddypress add_action( ‘bp_init’, function() { global $bp; bp_core_remove_subnav_item( ‘course’, ‘course-stats’ ); },10);

wplms 1.6.3

Upgrades : 1.Title tag added in Course status Notes & Comments. Optional show Search below Search icon, show comments below comments icon 2. Notes & Discussions merged into New UX. https://prnt.sc/1xlu8ce https://prnt.sc/1xlu9xr 3. Elementor in Course directory to show directory preview. Bug Fixes : 1. Image not showing in assignment […]

Vibebp 1.6.3

Feature Added : 1. All Members module. 2. Create member, bulk upload member via CSV. 3. User Tagging 4. Profile Field “Tables” added. Bug Fixes: 1. Editor fixes 2. PWA Builder fixes for Android & Microsoft App generation

VibeBP 1.6.2

1. Added Tours. [ open WP admin – Vibebp – Tours to import tours ] 2. Math Editor & Equations. 3. Import math questions. 4. User Management added [ add all members in Profile menu ]

WPLMS iOS + macOS App

The WPLMS app package for iOS & MacOS is attached here. Do note this package will see updates in future as well. We are planning to automate this process, so this is only for users who urgently need the iOS pack. wplms_ios_tempalte 1. Unzip the package. 2. Open the package […]


Theme Update : 1. Version 3.9 users can now use 4.1 framework. 2. Discard old vibe-course-module, vibe-customtypes, vibe-shortcodes, wplms-assignments,wplms-front-end, wplms-dashboard plugins and move to wplms plugin. 3. Optional integration with Vibebp login or stick to old WP login system. 4. Enable WPLMS version 4 to execute on 1 page to […]

WPLMS Plugin version 1.6.1 & VibeBP verison 1.6.1

VibeBP 1.6.1 Plugin Features : 1. Gutenberg profiles & components & Directory blocks [pre-built layouts and components coming up in updates] 2. User Guided Tours. [pre-built tours to be added in updates] 3. Added Editor in Messages 4. Instructor content privacy now available in Vibebp – settings. 5. Table profile […]