Ajax Login, Registration and forgot password email template

In WPLMS 2.5.2 we’ve added Ajax login and registration feature, which also supports forgot password email template. All you need to do is enable the switch WP Admin – WPLMS – BuddyPress – Enable Ajax login and registration.

Once the above setting is enabled :

  1. All validations happen via ajax which means users are not redirected to WP login screen when they enter a wrong password.
  2. Forgot password and registration open right within the login popup and everything including the registration happen in ajax mode.
  3. Users in your site login via ajax which avoids overheads and better for security when login happens via wp-login.php thereby exposing the login script.
  4. Faster and better user experience for users as they no longer need to open a new page for forgot password or registration.
  5. Forgot password template has been added. Although this is pending in BuddyPress, we’ve gone ahead and added it in WPLMS. You’ll get an option to import a page template as soon as you update the vibe course module plugin.

Refer tutorial for further information.

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