Upcoming features in WPLMS version 2.5

We’ve made some ┬áimprovements in WPLMS 2.5. While majority of pending bugs have been fixed, we’ve also made some improvements in the design of the theme.


Changes in the one click installer

  1. We’ve added a brand new one click installer which will help you to install the theme.
  2. Conditionally install plugins based on the features required in your setup.
  3. Switch between demo themes.
  4. Install content like install the pages (home page) without switching the theme or overwriting any other content.
  5. Install sample slider from any demos.
  6. Import widgets, dashboard areas, mega menus easily without losing current settings.
  7. Switch logo and colors easily.
  8. Works with Updated Envato API, for faster updates.


The old installer is still present in the theme so users will still be able to import all the data using the old importer. The new installer only has the demo data content, so users would not be able to import data from child themes using this installer. However, the data from installer can be imported on any child theme.



Changes in the Course status page

  1. Update course status page template
  2. Allows full screen mode for better content viewing.
  3. Switch between templates from WPLMS – Course manager area.




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  1. waytogo

    Still waiting for the implementation of WooCommerce Membership in connection with WooCommerce Subscription. Any time schedule for this or already in this planned update?

    1. quanto

      Me too: WooCommerce Membership + WooCommerce Subscription

      1. Please give us sometime for the memberships + subscription, we’re working on multiple areas currently.

  2. lexidangelo

    Please help! I went to edit the text in the “Course Status” page as the instructions said, and now when I go to start a course inside of my website it takes me to the page: http://www.bizwooschool.com/course-status/ but I can’t see the course or start it. How do I restore the original Course Status page settings?!

  3. SMK

    May I know what are the planned features in version 3.0? I am planning to buy the theme, new features will help me decide faster.

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