Update Log

4.079Plugin Updates130Theme Updates86
WPLMS   * bug in dashboard studernt widget * h3 to strong * message for par
WPLMS Theme VibeBP WPLMS Plugin


Update Log December 7, 2023
WPLMS 1. [FIXED]  new schema error fix 2. [FIXED] custom unit title 3. [FIX
VibeBP  1. [UPDATE]  New Addons added 2. [BUG] WC Cart page events syn

WPLMS 4.93

Update Log November 1, 2023
WPLMS Theme update: 1. PHP 8.2 warning fixes 2. WC cart template updated 3. Outd
VibeBP Member popup overflow & height activity time parsing option C


Plugin Updates September 8, 2023
Version 1. Removed IP Check filter by default 2. Added provision in WP a
WPLMS plugin update contains 1 new features Duplcate Courses & sligh Plugin update was live. 1. Fatal error fix with BP 11.3.1 2. Questions e
VibeBP  Bug Fixes 1. Social login token update [ Social log
Download plugins from here : https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/installing-

Wplms 1.9.8

Update Log August 1, 2023
FIXED  :  * csv not importing fix * assignment title issue fix * php e

VibeBp 1.9.6

Update Log July 21, 2023
Bug Fixes PDF View fixes in Safari Firebase account not working for user’s
WPLMS Plugin Enhancement Difficulty added in questions Bug Fixes Price Fix in Al
FIXED support of course button in course directory and other pages category tags