Plugin Updates

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Plugin Updates September 8, 2023
Version 1. Removed IP Check filter by default 2. Added provision in WP a
WPLMS plugin update contains 1 new features Duplcate Courses & sligh Plugin update was live. 1. Fatal error fix with BP 11.3.1 2. Questions e
VibeBP  Bug Fixes 1. Social login token update [ Social log
WPLMS Plugin Enhancement Difficulty added in questions Bug Fixes Price Fix in Al
FIXED support of course button in course directory and other pages category tags
WPLMS Theme 1. Added new Child Theme MOOC on Gutenberg. Uses TailWindCSS , remov
WPLMS theme Certificate fix for validator CSS fixes VibeBP [Feature] Bulk upload

VibeBP 1.8.5

Plugin Updates January 10, 2022
1.8.5 PDF Player issue on tab swiching fix Wallet component added for in-App pur
1.8.1 Default Course layout selection Default course card selection fix Quotes i
Vibe BP 1.7.2 repeatable field crashing profile field repeating on update Speed
Wplms Pre Course Quiz assign course on quiz submission on the basis of marks obt

Vibebp 1.6.5

4.0Plugin Updates November 26, 2021
Upgrades : 1. All groups button join/leave button. Bug Fixes : 1. Dashbaord menu
Upgrades : 1. Refresh token implemented , now token will get refreshed at set in