VibeBP 1.8.2


  1. Profile field saving bug fix.
  2. Registration form in Vibebp registration
  3. Reaction on Activity Fixes
  4. Reactions overview with total count & more
  5. Image / Media comments, like facebook


  1. Drag and Drop remove from Dashboard.
  2. User role to Member type connect in Member Types


Features :

  1. Reactions in Activities.  [ Likes need to be enabled in WP admin – Vibebp – settings – buddypress ]
  2. Giphy integration. GIF embed option in Activity and Editor & Media uploader.
  3. Registration forms option right in VibeBP Registration section for various user types.

Updates :

  1. App portrait primary changed to natural.
  2. Reset password in Login
  3. Gutenberg live preview of profile fields
  4. Gallery profile field now supports different type of elements.
  5. Repeatable profile field styling options added
  6. Table profile field styling options added.
  7. Default * Profile layout selection (Star ). now available. ( theme update dependency 4.3 )

Bug Fixes :

  1. Activity time notation in safari.
  2. Last user activity notice
  3. Gallery profile field fixes
  4. IPSTack removed for ip location tracking for Token generation. as it now requires a paid plan.
  5. Repeatable profile field bug.
  6. Notice fixes in Vibebp
  7. Warning fix on member tags.
  8. Gutenberg block fixes
  9. Abort too many Profile field save calls. AbortController added.
  10. AjaxURL missing fix.

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