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WPLMS Theme Update 4.92

WPLMS 4.92 theme was live.

  1. New OneInstructor demo was live : https://demos.wplms.io/oneinstructor/
  2. PHP warnings & notices fixed
  3. WooCommerce Cart template updated
  4. Group layout fixes

WPLMS S3 Update version 2.2

  • not all files showing in s3 library fix

*privacy not working fix

*delete file bug fix

*pagination fix

*bucket not specified bug fix

WPLMS Chat 1.2

WPLMS chat update 1.2 is now live. We’ve added few new features in the Chat application.
  • You can now customise chat appearance via Theme customizer – Chat
  • Chat settings are now divided into “Live” and “Chat”. The Live settings will be common for all “Live addons”
  • Bug fix : Saving Private key
  • Bug Fix : Issues with Jetpack ( jetpack loads outdated scripts )
  • Bug Fix : Issues with profile image uploading ( bpplupload uses outdated scripts )
  • Bug fix : Issues with group image uploading ( bpplupload uses outdated scripts )

WPLMS WooCommerce update 1.8

  1. Missing Translations added in Instructor premium course form
  2. Search form added in Instructor premium course in Backend, WP Admin - LMS - Settings - Instructor premium courses
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Permalinks in WPLMS (version 1.9.9+)

With 1.9.9 update users will be able to customise permalinks easily. The update brings support for custom permalinks right in the permalinks section. Following screenshot from 1.9.9 : wplms permalinks structure   You'll be able to create custom permalinks for Courses, Units and Quizzes. Course permalink Examples : Default : http://xyz.com/course/mycourse Possibilities :   http://xyz.com/subject/mycourse http://xyz.com/training/mycourse http://xyz.com/all-courses/mycourse http://xyz.com/training/mycourse Unit permalink Examples : Default : http://xyz.com/unit/myunit Possibilities :   http://xyz.com/subject/mycourse http://xyz.com/training/mycourse Quiz permalink Examples : Default : http://xyz.com/quiz/myquiz Possibilities :   http://xyz.com/subject/mycourse http://xyz.com/training/mycourse http://xyz.com/all-courses/mycourse   istanbul escort ankara escort bursa escort antalya escort instagram takipçi satın al smm panel izmir eskort izmir escort antalya escort antalya eskort Instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al

Coming up EventOn in WPLMS

We're finally integrating EventOn with WPLMS. Events for WPLMS has been a long standing feature request.   We'll be including EventOn in WPLMS and WPLMS EventOn Addon plugin in the Theme Package in version 1.9.9 . Front end event creation will be included in version 2.0 a. Once activated WPLMS Events plugin with automatically get deactivated. b. You'll get an option to migrate all your existing events to EventOn.   izmir eskort izmir escort antalya escort antalya eskort adana eskort