Vibebp 1.7.2 , WPLMS 1.7.1

Vibe BP 1.7.2

  1. repeatable field crashing
  2. profile field repeating on update
  3. Speed improvements : Modify BP template, do not enqueue unnecessary BP scrtips/files
  4. Empty settings warning fix

WPLMS 1.7.1

  1. Quiz leaderboard crashing
  2. sql query corrections for warning fixes
  3. Assign quiz updated
  4. Avatars issue in stats

Vibe BP 1.7.1

  1. WooCommerce order section empty
  2. notice and warning fixes on follower count

Vibe BP 1.7

Features :

  1. Improved Passwords in login and Registration process
  2. Icon selector in Menus
  3. Text alignment in Editor


  1. User Photo Gallery block Profile field improvements.
  2. Table Field in user profile fields with progress bar provisions.
  3. Repeatable profile field with New improved styles.
  4. Registration forms also added to VibeBP – settings – buddypress [ updated react forms version coming soon ]
  5. Google Recaptcha v3 implemented in default registration and custom registration forms.
  6. Default selector for profiles layouts, cards etc.

Fixes :

  1. Recurring call on Avatar fixed.
  2. Group invites bug fix
  3. Messages bug fixes and improvements.
  4. Permissions fixed for calls not requiring tokens
  5. Range slider field styling added
  6. Password  field styling added
  7. Search Users with names / partials fixed
  8. Default switch added in the layouts.
  9. Touch points framework added
  10. PHP 8  notice / warning fixes


  1. Units default editor switched to Gutenberg.
  2. Quiz default editor switched to Gutenberg.
  3. Pre-course warning bug for purchased users
  4. Old template files are re-added
  5. all quiz avaiability to admin

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