WPLMS 4.4 , VibeBP 1.8.6 , WPLMS Plugin 1.8.5 updates

WPLMS theme

  1. Certificate fix for validator
  2. CSS fixes


  1. [Feature] Bulk upload users in group via CSV.
  2. [Updated] Default fields , member type support in Registration form in the Login panel.
  3. [Coming up] Cart API WooCommerce
  4. [Fix] Send Message action button
  5. [Fix] Send Message action button
  6. [Fix] Avatar component fix
  7. [Fix] Send Message action button
  8. [Fix] Removed legacy member type and group type in VibeBP as BP has it.
  9. [Fix] All blocks updated, New Carousel block script added.

WPLMS Plugin

  1. [Fix] Assignment title not supporting special characters fix
  2. [Fix] Delete course category from app fix
  3. [Fix] PHP errors in queries
  4. [Fix] PHP 8.1 notices fixed
  5. POT files updated

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