User Guided Tours and Walkthroughs in WPLMS

In WPLMS 2.8 we’ve added user guided tours feature, also known as walk throughs. This a step by step guide to achieve an objective in a software.

Below is a small snapshot of how it works.


For complex systems such as WPLMS it was almost imperative to add this feature. So that we’re able to better guide our users on how to use the theme more effectively.

Tours are classified based on User roles, so we have student tours, instructor tours and administrator tours.

Using this feature :

  1. Instructors will be able to better guide their students on how to use the site for various tasks.
  2. Administrators will be able to guide instructors on various activities in the site.
  3. We (Vibethemes) will be able to guide administrators on how to do various configurations in their sites.

In future, we’ll be adding capability to add custom tours in the WPLMS as well.


Important links : 

Translation guide for Tours



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