Upcoming in WPLMS


Just a quick note on things we’re currently working on :
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  1. WPLMS Appointments : REACTJS Appointments with service directory matbet güncel giriş and appointment management. Built on latest ReactJS, powered by API, to be included in App as well. Releasing this month.
  2. WPLMS Tools : WPLMS Chat – Node.js powered chat for WPLMS. Course wise, group wise.
  3. WPLMS Tools : WPLMS href=”https://teknoob.com/matbet/” title=”matbet”>matbet Whiteboard : Node.js powered application for whiteboards and collaboration in WPLMS.
  4. WPLMS on ReactJS : Started re-writing WPLMS on ReactJS. Brand new Course builder.
  5. WPLMS SAAS : Node.js backend for WPLMS for activity recording and realtime Statistics generation. Taking of bulk of load from your servers to our SASS servers.

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