Upcoming in WPLMS


Just a quick note on things we’re currently working on :

  1. WPLMS Appointments : REACTJS Appointments with service directory and appointment management. Built on latest ReactJS, powered by API, to be included in App as well. Releasing this month.
  2. WPLMS Tools : WPLMS Chat – Node.js powered chat for WPLMS. Course wise, group wise.
  3. WPLMS Tools : WPLMS Whiteboard : Node.js powered application for whiteboards and collaboration in WPLMS.
  4. WPLMS on ReactJS : Started re-writing WPLMS on ReactJS. Brand new Course builder.
  5. WPLMS SAAS : Node.js backend for WPLMS for activity recording and realtime Statistics generation. Taking of bulk of load from your servers to our SASS servers.


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