WPLMS is now over 3 years old and we’ve followed a progressive journey towards achieving the objectives of this theme. We’ve covered a lot of feature requests in the past and will continue to do so in future as well. However, we also feel the need to share the roadmap for WPLMS, to keep our users informed that the VibeThemes team is still committed to the original WPLMS project.

Below is the roadmap for WPLMS, these points may not be covered the order specified:

  1. WPLMS Student Mobile App [Live -> link]
  2. WPLMS Instructor Mobile App ( course creation )
  3. WPLMS Bootstrap 4 migration or FlexBox & CSS Grids
  4. WPLMS new font end Page builder (custom header/footer, pages, courses ) *
  5. WPLMS migration to javascript framework <– ReactJs work commenced on 5th January’18
  6. 100% WPLMS xAPI/TinCan compliance. Export/Sell your courses on any LMS.

Other important features which you can expect in coming updates :

  1. WPLMS Instructor booking system(Available by March 18)
  2. WPLMS Chat app * (Available by March 18)
  3. WPLMS , LRS record activity on custom LRS *
  4. Migration from Moodle

* means in progress

In Point 6 we will also try to cover SCORM 1.2 compliance .

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