Remove Tabs from Student Enrolled course Single course View

This code tip will remove “Announcements”, “News”, “Notes”, “Questions & Answers” Tabs from Single course – Student view. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. Learn more […]

VibeDrive update 1.4

Features : – Secure download link, urls not exposed – Tracking which user downloaded which download item – Course Drive added Fixes : – Group drive not working correctly.

AutoComplete unit as soon as it is Loaded

WPLMS 4 can automatically mark unit complete on scroll or on Video completion. However, if you want to mark complete the unit as soon as it is loaded. Use this tip : Add following code in WP admin – WPLMS – Footer – Analytics code : <script>document.addEventListener(‘unit_loaded’,function(){document.querySelector(‘.next_curriculum_item’).click();});</script> Or add in […]

WPLMS Plugin 1.6.0 and VibeBP 1.6.0

Updated : 26 August 2021 Vibebp 1. Group directory 2. Login fix when firebase fails 3. PHP 8 fixes Vibebp 1. PPT , Docs,XLS link correction in editor 2. Safari icons fix WPLMS Plugin 1. Math equations in Question editor 2. MyCourses reload on package 3. php […]

Hide submit button in in-course quiz till user has seen all the questions in the quiz

To hide submit button by default. Add css in customizer – custom css : .submit_quiz.button{display:none;} Now to conditionally activate it. Add this code in child theme – functions.php . add_action(‘wp_footer’,function(){ if(is_page(vibebp_get_setting(‘bp_single_page’)){ ob_start(); ?> document.addEventListener(‘VibeBP_Editor_Content’,function(){ if(document.querySelector(‘.submit_quiz’)) { let x = setInterval(function(){ if(document.querySelector(‘.quiz_timeline.timeline_wrapper >ul>li:last-child’).classList.contains(‘active’)){ document.querySelector(‘.submit_quiz’).style.display=’flex’; clearInterval(x); } },200); } });

Vibebp 1.5.5

[Updated ] Major Editor Fixes. [Feature] MicroLearning elements – FlipCard, Memory Game, ScratchCards, Image Reveal. Make your courses interesting. [Bug fix] View other user profile with BP single page active [Updated] PHP 8 fixes [Bug fix] Empty Notifications fix [Bug fix] Change profile image missing in BP single page

VibeBP 1.5.2

[Update] New Switch to disable realtime notifications via firebase in WP Admin – Vibebp – settings [Added] Profile Completion Wizard [Fix] Signin triple dot issue when multiple login triggers [fixed] BuddyPress admin navigation pointing to old BP links [fix] Multiple widget usage in dashboard [fix] Chat not triggerred in profiles […]

WPLMS 1.5.2

Quiz interface improvements in mobile Recognize links in youtube player Multiple dashboard Widgets only first instance working fix Quiz tags not appearing immediately after quiz completion Notice in curriculum Assignments upload not working correctly Add user role in plugin if WPLMS theme not active Third party theme course detection […]

WPLMS plugin & VibeBP 1.5.1

VibeBP [Bug] Precache resources script, third party scripts not loaded in PWA [Bug] Notices appearing for not set settings [Bug] WPML not supporting wc_get_page_id additional filter provision [update] HTML menu items in profile [Update] Portrait mode added as default view in service worker [Bug] Min-height removed from BP profile grid […]