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Search and Filter MyCourses and Instructing courses

From WPLMS version 2.2, the search and filters are coming in My Courses and Instructing courses tabs in your profile. The pagination, search, filtering, everything is ajax based improving the speed and overall user experience of your account.   My Courses : Instructing courses :

Live Search, Filter by status in Course – Admin

In WPLMS 2.2 version we've improved the course - admin area. Everything in this section is now ajax enabled and major improvements have been done to improve the overall speed and user experience. Live Search in Course - Admin area     Active Status Filter in Course - Admin     Course Status Filter in Course - Admin

New MegaMenu Styles in version 2.1.1

We've added two more Mega Menu styles in version 2.1.1 From version 2.1.1 you will get the option to select the Menu styles. menu2.1.1     The Category - Sub category terms menu style : cat_menu *Some CSS have been added to make it into what's shown above.     Category - Posts Style   posts_menu   The above menu styles will be available in the 2.1.1 update.

New Board for WPLMS AddOns

We've been using Trello boards for WPLMS Development for past 8 months and it has been really great for us and for our users. Not only can users track live progress of their requested features but the overall management of issues has helped us in improving support quality and reducing support response times. However, when it came to WPLMS AddOns we faced the issue of tracking development which lead to delays in Addon development and complaints about the support response times. So, we're now adding a new Trello board for WPLMS AddOns, this is essential as Addons follow a different development cycle than the original WPLMS Theme. The trello board for tracking Addon Development and issues : It will help us in sharing further details on where the development rests with plugin under development and improving overall support levels. Have a great day !

Layout Options in WPLMS 2.0

Since most of the requests for WPLMS are related to design customisations, based on this feedback we've added several layout options in the 2.0 update.   Directory Layouts [gallery link="file" ids="18407,18408,18409,18410,18411,18412"] Profile Layouts [gallery ids="18418,18419,18420,18421"] Group & Course Layouts [gallery ids="18428,18423,18424,18425,18427,18426"]   Blog Layouts [gallery link="file" ids="18432,18431,18430,18433"]  

Offline Courses in WPLMS 2.0

We've added a feature called "Offline courses" in WPLMS 2.0.   What is an offline course ? An Offline Course is a course which does not require an online mode of communication. The instruction for the course happens at a physical location or classroom. For example : Yoga Classes.
  • An Instructor needs to specify a location for such courses. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • An instructor needs to define what she'll be instructing on Period 1 / Day 1 of the Class, Period/Day 2 of the class. This information should be available upfront before users take the course.
  • Students do not need to login to pursue the course.
  • Students do not need to login and mark finish to complete a course.
  • The Instructor may need to manually assign certificates/badges/marks to students. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • Display Course progress on the Home page.
  • Allow Students to review course from course home page.
  • Students may only want to apply for the course, the payment is handled offline
  What's new in WPLMS 2.0 ?
  • Display Unit content directly in Course curriculum
  • Display Course progress on home page.
  • Automatically define course progress based on Duration of the course.
  • Allow students to review course from course home page
  • Apply and Approve system for Course Applications
  Although these features are added for Offline Courses these can also be activated for Online Courses as well. Screenshots : [gallery link="file" ids="18386,18387,18388,18389,18390,18391,18394,18393,18392"]  

Improvements in Course Submissions

In WPLMS 2.0 we've added massive improvements in submissions and evaluation area for Instructors. Highlights :
  1. Simpler & Faster Interface.
  2. Ajax based, no reload required.
  3. Displays un-evaluated quiz/assignment/course count.
  4. Instructor can select quiz/assignment to get submissions in a course
  5. Instructor can manually evaluate quiz/assignments in a course.
  6. Instructor can select evaluation status.
  7. Instructor can re-evaluate already evaluated quiz/assignments.
  Screenshots : [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="16117,16118,16119,16120"] takipçi satın al istanbul escort bayan ankara escort bayan bursa escort bayan antalya escort bayan Instagram takipçi satın al instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al instagram smm paneli

Course Drive & BuddyDrive integration with WPLMS

We've added a new feature called "Course Drive" in WPLMS. [Updated September 2021] The all new Course Drive feature is Wplms update version 4. also Available in latest. It is now powered by a plugin called Vibe Drive, The vibe drive also works in generated apps. see Video : This feature will be powered by BuddyDrive. BuddyDrive is a popular plugin which enables drive functionality for members. Using this members of your site can share files, protect files. In Buddydrive you can :
  • Upload files
  • Create new directories
  • Upload private files (only accessible to you)
  • Upload public files, accessible to everyone.
  • Upload group specific files (only accessible to group members)
  • Upload files available to friends only.
  • And Course specific files only.
The Course drive takes advantage this feature in Buddydrive. Files uploaded in a Course will be available to Course members only. Course Drive Feature : BuddyDrive integration : P.s : This is not a Tutorial, tutorials will be added with WPLMS 2.0 release.   istanbul escort bayan ankara escort bayan bursa escort bayan antalya escort bayan Instagram takipçi satın al instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al instagram smm paneli escort izmir escort adana

New Header Styles in WPLMS 2.0

We're completely rewriting WPLMS in the 2.0 version.  Based on popular feedback from issues and support topics. We're introducing new header styles in WPLMS, the header styles can be changed from Theme Customiser - header section. Please share your feedback.   Default Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.23.16 PM   Sleek Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.23.47 PM   Transparent Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.24.25 PM Center Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.24.46 PM   Standard Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.27.43 PM   Standard Center Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.28.01 PM   Mooc Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.31.53 PM   App Style Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.13.04 PM   Few pointers :
  1. The Menu colors are customisable
  2. Menu background is customisable
  3. Menu padding (top,bottom) is customisable
  4. Menu font size is customisable
  5. Small text below menu items is optional, it picks from Title attribute of Menu items.
  We've also added login styles and Theme skins in WPLMS, which will help you in further generating variations of above headers. Example : Default header with Elegant Skin : Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.52.50 PM   WPLMS 2.0 is a big update, since it is under development, feedback/suggestions/improvements can be added during the development process it self.   istanbul escort bayan ankara escort bayan bursa escort bayan antalya escort bayan Instagram takipçi satın al instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al instagram smm paneli escort

Trello for Live Issue Log and Features in progress

WPLMS is a very dynamic project. We've build it through the Agile development model which is why it is constantly evolving. However, as a user/customer of WPLMS you may not be able to know on what issues/features the VibeThemes team is working on. So we're sharing following Trello boards, where you can see on what all isues and features the VibeThemes Team is working on. WPLMS Development : WPLMS Bug Fixes/Issues : This is especially helpful for cases when you may want a bug fix early or you may want to know when the following feature is going to be released. If the bug is resolved then we may be able to provide a fix early in the forums, if we've missed a bug then user can notify us to include it in the issue log. If we're developing a new feature, you can share your inputs on it. Inputs at the time of development can be incorporated or provisions can be made for easier implementation later on. We believe this would improve the transparency and understanding between WPLMS team and users. Have a great day !   izmir eskort izmir escort antalya escort antalya eskort adana eskort konya eskort

Introducing WPLMS WooCommerce

WPLMS WooCommerce is a plugin built for WooCommerce compatibility with WPLMS. Although WPLMS natively supports WooCommerce, this add-on makes WooCommerce compatible with WPLMS. So, instead of custom metabox from WPLMS, you now get WPLMS settings right in WooCommerce metabox :     Using this Add-on, you can support Variable Pricing for Courses . So whats new with Variable Pricing ? Well, it might seem a minor change but it opens up a lot of possibilities to sell your courses. Variable pricing answers following requirements :
  1. I want to sell course on monthly subscription $19 and Yearly subscription $199, the student should be able to select the subscription type at the Course itself.
  2. Students who want a Course certificate should pay more than students who do not want a certificate.
  3. Students who want to re-attempt Course X times should pay more than students who do not reattempt.
  4. Students who want to re-attempt Quizzes in the Course should pay more than students who do not want to re-attempt quizzes.
  5. Students who want a Course Badge should pay more than students who do not want a Badge
You can also combine above settings to create new pricing models, for example : Course : Monthly : $19 Course : Monthly + Certificate : $29 Course : Monthly + Certificate + 1 Course Retake : $49 and so on ...   izmir eskort izmir escort antalya escort antalya eskort

Permalinks in WPLMS (version 1.9.9+)

With 1.9.9 update users will be able to customise permalinks easily. The update brings support for custom permalinks right in the permalinks section. Following screenshot from 1.9.9 : wplms permalinks structure   You'll be able to create custom permalinks for Courses, Units and Quizzes. Course permalink Examples : Default : Possibilities : Unit permalink Examples : Default : Possibilities : Quiz permalink Examples : Default : Possibilities :   istanbul escort ankara escort bursa escort antalya escort instagram takipçi satın al smm panel izmir eskort izmir escort antalya escort antalya eskort Instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al