Offline Courses in WPLMS 2.0

We’ve added a feature called “Offline courses” in WPLMS 2.0.


What is an offline course ?

An Offline Course is a course which does not require an online mode of communication. The instruction for the course happens at a physical location or classroom.

For example : Yoga Classes.

  • An Instructor needs to specify a location for such courses. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • An instructor needs to define what she’ll be instructing on Period 1 / Day 1 of the Class, Period/Day 2 of the class. This information should be available upfront before users take the course.
  • Students do not need to login to pursue the course.
  • Students do not need to login and mark finish to complete a course.
  • The Instructor may need to manually assign certificates/badges/marks to students. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • Display Course progress on the Home page.
  • Allow Students to review course from course home page.
  • Students may only want to apply for the course, the payment is handled offline


What’s new in WPLMS 2.0 ?

  • Display Unit content directly in Course curriculum
  • Display Course progress on home page.
  • Automatically define course progress based on Duration of the course.
  • Allow students to review course from course home page
  • Apply and Approve system for Course Applications


Although these features are added for Offline Courses these can also be activated for Online Courses as well.

Screenshots :


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