Offline Courses in WPLMS 2.0

We’ve added a feature called “Offline courses” in WPLMS 2.0.


What is an offline course ?

An Offline Course is a course which does not require an online mode of communication. The instruction for the course happens at a physical location or classroom.

For example : Yoga Classes.

  • An Instructor needs to specify a location for such courses. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • An instructor needs to define what she’ll be instructing on Period 1 / Day 1 of the Class, Period/Day 2 of the class. This information should be available upfront before users take the course.
  • Students do not need to login to pursue the course.
  • Students do not need to login and mark finish to complete a course.
  • The Instructor may need to manually assign certificates/badges/marks to students. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • Display Course progress on the Home page.
  • Allow Students to review course from course home page.
  • Students may only want to apply for the course, the payment is handled offline


What’s new in WPLMS 2.0 ?

  • Display Unit content directly in Course curriculum
  • Display Course progress on home page.
  • Automatically define course progress based on Duration of the course.
  • Allow students to review course from course home page
  • Apply and Approve system for Course Applications


Although these features are added for Offline Courses these can also be activated for Online Courses as well.

Screenshots :


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  1. ulyssesw


    Do we need EventOn or WPLMS EventOn or WPLMS Events plugin to support this?


    1. Course batches is coming up as a separate plugin. Releasing very soon after the 2.0 update.

    1. Yes, we have plans of integrating with h5p. For now there is a temporary solution wherein users can embed h5p in content. However we still need to integrate the quizzes built in h5p with the wplms.

      1. alexdias94


        Congratulations to wplms and h5p 🙂

        It’s great integration complet between wplms and h5p !

        Please Mr.Vibe enshrine as soon as possible .

        The h5p is great , has several great options for content and is free 🙂

        And the results of student interaction with h5p has to integrate with wplms ?

        As the adobe that has student statistics for the teacher ?

        How long / months can leave a complete integraçção between wplms and h5p ?

        A hug to everyone !

        Alexandre Dias

  2. luanarodriquez

    Hello, I cannot find the section where I can write the course program and even if I save the course category and then go to appearance -> Menu I cannot find it in the category list. Could you helpme with that? Thanks

  3. sumancactus

    Hello i am unable to create offline course. When i make any course offline then also it is asking student to login to apply for this course. so can you guide me how to make offline course?

  4. Miss Test

    How can I create a course and NOT add a product or membership and the TAKE A COURSE button appears? I tried many times and if i don’t add a product or a membership it says PRIVATE COURSE.
    I just want for the users to apply to a offline course, not buy with woocommerce or get a membership.

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