Trello for Live Issue Log and Features in progress

WPLMS is a very dynamic project. We’ve build it through the Agile development model which is why it is constantly evolving. However, as a user/customer of WPLMS you may not be able to know on what issues/features the VibeThemes team is working on.

So we’re sharing following Trello boards, where you can see on what all isues and features the VibeThemes Team is working on.

WPLMS Development :

WPLMS Bug Fixes/Issues :

This is especially helpful for cases when you may want a bug fix early or you may want to know when the following feature is going to be released.

If the bug is resolved then we may be able to provide a fix early in the forums, if we’ve missed a bug then user can notify us to include it in the issue log.

If we’re developing a new feature, you can share your inputs on it. Inputs at the time of development can be incorporated or provisions can be made for easier implementation later on.

We believe this would improve the transparency and understanding between WPLMS team and users.

Have a great day !


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