WPLMS S3 for Secure Videos, Audios & Attachments

Hot linking or downloading of media files is a key concern for any site. Security of hosted Videos, Audios and attachments has been a long pending request from a lot of WPLMS users. But everything boils down to the question “Any content hosted on web is public”.

The answer to this is Amazon S3, Amazon S3 allows you to host files privately. It also allows to create signed urls which expire after a certain time limit. Once the url expires accessing the url gives a Access denied error.

An added advantage with Amazon S3 is that Video hosting requires lots of server resources, which are best transferred to faster and reliable servers from Amazon.

Using the above advantage from Amazon S3 we’re introducing the WPLMS S3 plugin. Checkout the plugin now.

This plugin would allow you to directly upload images in your Amazon S3 directly from the WP Media popup. Which means it is available both in the WP admin backend and the WPLMS front end.


Features :

  1. Secure Audio,Video, images and attachments
  2. Prevents hotlinking
  3. Upload to Amazon S3 directly from media popup
  4. Works from both backend and front end
  5. Fetch files from any bucket in Amazon S3
  6. Instructor privacy option



After the link expires



WPLMS S3 plugin.


  1. trapaniettech


    with S3 it’s possible to set media lock ?
    or it’s also for self-hosted video ?

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. Just released version 1.1 after which WPLMS S3 works with the Unit Media lock as well.

  3. thexlearner


    Can you please give me the website demo link, so I can try the mp4 secured video ?

    1. Please clarify what you need. If I share you the link, the link will expire after X minutes and you’ll only see a access denied error.

      1. thexlearner

        No , I mean the unit link , where you embed the video

  4. BAM

    This is awesome that you guys thought through this…! Is it possible to only have files on S3 vs server to free up space and make for better scaling..? If so this is great.

  5. BAM

    Also will instructors be able to make use of this without knowing all the S3 technical details once set up.

    1. Yes, they’ll be able to use it and you can even enable instructor privacy so instructors view only the files they’ve uploaded.

  6. mohamedb63

    I would love to see this for Azure storage as well.

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