New Board for WPLMS AddOns

We’ve been using Trello boards for WPLMS Development for past 8 months and it has been really great for us and for our users. Not only can users track live progress of their requested features but the overall management of issues has helped us in improving support quality and reducing support response times.

However, when it came to WPLMS AddOns we faced the issue of tracking development which lead to delays in Addon development and complaints about the support response times.

So, we’re now adding a new Trello board for WPLMS AddOns, this is essential as Addons follow a different development cycle than the original WPLMS Theme.

The trello board for tracking Addon Development and issues :

It will help us in sharing further details on where the development rests with plugin under development and improving overall support levels.

Have a great day !

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