WPLMS will be back in few minutes/hours..

The theme WPLMS has been soft disabled on Themeforest. The reason is the plugin Layerslider 5.x version is impacted by a malware. Since the plugin was included in the theme, it has been soft disabled till the time we update the plugin and resubmit the theme for approval.

We have resubmitted the theme with updated Layerslider plugin. Anyone using the Layerslider plugin please update it.

Refer this tutorial for help : https://wplms.io/support/knowledge-base/updating-layer-slider-in-wplms/

The theme has been resubmitted for approval and will be back in few hours.

Thanks for patience.


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  1. homeforsell

    Please update for WPBakery Visual Composer to v5.0

  2. Please Please can someone show me how to post issues on this site. When I go to the issues forum it sat “closed to new issues”. So so sorry I have to post in this place but desperate to get support

  3. Thanks for coming back but this does not work. I am a longterm user of WPLMS and being familar with this site your URL does not help.

    I would like to attach an image to this comment but cannot arrrrrrrrh.

    So will describe the block !
    (1) Go to https://wplms.io/support/forums/forum/general/issue-log/ GOOD
    (2) Go to bottom of page to post and issue and I have a orange box with the words :-
    “The Forum “issue log” is closed to new topis and replies”
    Faced with this lovely and helpful greeting what can I do ?

    1. Why are you posting issues in issue log? The issue log is only for administrators and moderators only after confirming it is an issue. Please I beg you to use support forums for reporting issues !

      1. I had the same problem as kbrady re issues being closed.
        Your response actually highlights the problem:
        “Why are you posting issues in issue log?”
        Perhaps you should change the name as (to a user like me and kbrady) this seems to be the logical place to list issues.
        Just a suggestion.

        1. Ok thanks, we were earlier using it for issues now we maintain the issues in trello so we would be removing this sub-forum altogether.

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