Drag Drop Certificate Builder for WPLMS

In WPLMS PDF Certificates addon version 1.1 we’ve added the drag and drop certificates builder interface. You can get this plugin from here (free) : https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-pdf-certificates/


Upcoming features in next updates :

  • QR Code in Certificates for unique identification
  • 2nd Page on Certificate with Course result and Instructor remarks.


How to activate for Updates

When you complete checkout , you’ll get an email with the plugin and license key. You’ll need the license key for updates, so make sure you activate the plugin using the license key from WP Admin – LMS – Addons. Watch this video : https://youtu.be/6iS08r0KZJY?t=20


I am sure many of you will have the following question.

Why not include it in main WPLMS ?

This was one of the most wanted features in WPLMS and we are still reluctant to include PHP based PDF generation because it consumes a lot of server memory. So, slow servers might not support PDF generation on the fly. Even servers with good configuration might not support simultaneous generation of multiple PDFs. The Certificate builder exists to support the PDFs and will be added to main WPLMS in future updates.



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  1. denizci88

    It was really required plugin. Please progress to develop it. This was the weak point of WPLMS.

    I downloaded, activated and licenced. However, it shows already 1.0. We are waiting you publishing the new version 1.1.

    Thank you for good news.

    Best Regards

        1. denizci88


          Thank you for reply. Update didn’t work. That’s why, I re-downloaded it.

  2. JFOC

    upgrading to 1.2 successfully, but when checking plugin again, still 1.1 and kept asking for 1.2 update

  3. tuaptitud

    This plugin is very heavy, (more than 16 mb). Reading the comments of this publication I see that, could make the web go slow? By consuming many resources on the server I mean

  4. flaviotx

    This plugin does not work, i change the font size and aftear savin , it backs to the previous size .. using the version 1.5 and still dont work.so bad.

  5. How do we ensure the size of the uploaded background match the set document size? I set it to 750 x 1100 and the preview html and pdf do not represent what is shown.

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