Coming up next : Exportable Courses in WPLMS

WPLMS is a framework which keeps the Instructor at the centre of the Education verse. We’ve always focussed on how to make things easier for the Instructor , whether its building courses, or discussions or even appointments.

Yet, there was one crucial aspect which was missing : “Independence” from platforms, instructors should always be in-charge of the content they create. Hence, our upcoming feature “Exportable Courses”, of course it comes with the flexibility of creating your very own course in your favorite page builder ( Elementor or divi ).

With this remarkable development WPLMS can also be used as a Course authoring tool ( similar to Articulate Rise or Adobe captivate ), you will be able to export your courses as SCORM or xAPI compliant course and run in any spec. compliant LMS’s.

The idea is that exported Courses will be independent packages, capable of running in any environment. Of course, all the backend ( LRS or WPLMS ) details will be recorded at the time of exporting the course. We’re also looking into the possibility of encrypting the course contents with a unique key, making the resources and confidential ( quiz answers) data secure.

What do you think about this ? Share your thoughts.

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