WPLMS Roadmap

As we get close to the release of WPLMS 4.0 it is important to define the roadmap for future of WPLMS.

I will list down the most interesting things first of what is coming up and then what can be expected and what are other possibilities :

Coming Up 4.0 : 

  1. Ultra fast loading
  2. Brand new UI
  3. Focus on Mobile browser Support and content creation via tablets/phones.
  4. Major UX changes.
  5. UX change for BuddyPress, new Template pack.
  6. Elementor Profile , Nav Menu for Profile Menu.
  7. Profile System, everything works in profile area.
  8. Use WPLMS with any theme without impacting other areas.
  9. Offline support for web ( no internet, no problem)
  10. Exportable course [ Industry standard, Migrate to Other LMS ]
  11. Cacheable Content
  12. Cloudflare Rocket loader support
  13. Front end Content editor built for Online education.
  14. WPLMS Custom Video Player
  15. In-built Chat with online members. [ Firebase ]
  16. Inbuilt Social Login system 11 social logins supported. [ Firebase ]
  17. RealTime notifications [ Firebase ]
  18. Custom JWT login system
  19. User specific Dashboard – user can remove/add/resize widgets in front end.
  20. HelpDesk Addon – convert BBPress into helpdesk
  21. Calendar Addon – all calendars in one place , events, appointments.
  22. Knowledgebase addon – wiki and help addon.
  23. Projects Module – Trello like module.

Videos releasing soon, I will add the links as they’re released.


Expected Feature set to be available later on:

  1. New Unit Types: Code Editor, Slides, Video Quiz.
  2. Video Conferencing Module
  3. Video Recording capabilities in Units/Assignments/Quizzes,Questions.
  4. Variable Curriculum : Unlike singular, design a flowchart like curriculum
  5. Group questions
  6. Quizzes with Sections
  7. Timeless Courses – Exportable  with inbuilt course editing tools ( no need for LMS, maintainable, timeless courses ).

Possibilities :

  1. Artificial Intelligence in  Quizzes , Courses , adapt with learners pace.
  2. Machine learning based modules like : Image recognition [mljs]
  3. Virtual Reality content in Units [ React360]


What prompted the shift : 

WPLMS is still the most advanced theme and education platform on WordPress. But an aspect of technology is that it is ever evolving it is time for WPLMS for a change. Back when we released WPLMS it was using the stable technologies available at that time. Progressive enhancements in any software can only take you so far but a time comes when there is a need for a paradigm shift.

The WordPress 5.0 released in 6th December 2018, BuddyPress 5.0, September 30, 2019. Both of these changes focus on WordPress as a HeadLess CMS which meant everything in WordPress is possible via API’s and ReactJS became core part of WordPress. These were favourable conditions for WPLMS revival.

During the times of COVID19 , there is no denying that online education has gained more importance than ever.  However, there is a  dearth affordable LMS solutions in the education industry. Almost all of WordPress based LMS solutions are an anomaly in the online Education sphere. As leading LMS in WordPress we have to compete with LMS systems outside of WordPress as well.

Over the past years, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge, seen thousands of use cases, studied our competition, assessed the requirements of users and know the limitations of technologies. Thus the 4.0 version will bring about a platform on which we can develop further. Our Roadmap would easily explain what all is possible in the new WPLMS.


Vision : 

An affordable LMS solution which meets the technology standards of the time !

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  1. MeesterGijs

    This all sounds very promising. Good luck with mapping this out and making it come to fruition.

  2. sondos1

    Hi Mr. Vibes
    create work
    when wolms v4 will be released

  3. MissMad

    That’s the best news I’ve had in weeks!!!

  4. Very visionary and actionable. Great news for a formidable growth and enhancement on online education. Keep up! Truly Vibes!


    This is super good news 🙂 congratulations and thanks to all the team !!! LONG LIFE WPLMS

  6. KN82000

    Great news. You are deploying the technology ground I needed to implement such educational platform.

  7. Kanay

    This sounds amazing! Would love to see something leverage cognitive psychology backed learning approaches, such as the incorporation of a question bank that can show questions through a spaced repetition algorithm.

  8. Eera

    I hope the video conference can support google hangout/meet

    1. Better, it is so easier to implement Video conferencing, so we’re going to add it in WPLMS.

  9. Sir I have purchased 3 licences of wplms and I have only two week support remain and I am not from it background. I doing everything learning from form comments. So if possible please release it before my support period end.

  10. JFOC

    the chat in v4, it will be the current wplms chat or we need to have another plugin

      1. JFOC

        Great. So we can use all current plugins addon in the new v4

  11. Hi friends! I need some help regarding the new update. I have read somewhere in this forum, that WPLMS is not gonna be a theme anymore but instead will be a plugin that integrates all the current functionalities.
    How this will affect the site arquitecture? I asked a design company to design a website for me and a dashboard, and they want to know how the plugin is going to work from version 4.0 on.

    Thanks for your time and work.

      1. That’s excellent news. I think a plugin version would be extremely useful. Would the plugin version be a separate purchase than the theme? Also, if we have the WPLMS plugin would we be able to design our own course pages and unit pages and landing pages for each course?

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