WPLMS 4.0 impact on Site speed

We now reach 6 months of launch of WPLMS version 4.0 series. And as we gear up for the next year 2021 , we are now “really” excited to show/prove why we revamped our entire architecture to version 4.  The evolution of web never stops and things where were earlier un-imaginable in version 3 of WPLMS are now possible.

As version 4 gets stable and even though there are bugs one can not ignore the over improvement in the User experience and speed.  The rules of the web are changing fast and we wanted WPLMS customers to be on top of things when these rules change.  We did track the overall improvement in our main site wplms.io and the impact is satisfying. Reaching to a site speed core of 90+ from Google insights tool for mobile was earlier not possible in version 3 of WPLMS. This is now possible in version 4.

I will share 2 images here :

Version 3 WPLMS speed, the max we could reach was 24

Versus the WPLMS version 4 speed comparison

WPLMS version4 [ Check latest lab data ]

Clearly the Wplms version 3 was not optimised for the modern web and while we are still working on further improving the above metric in version 4, we are slowly reaching where other WP themes are unable to reach. We did a short video on how we reached this score on a brand new WP site : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IRNZDGBcDQ

If you simply compare this above metric  with WP themes which claim to be fastest WordPress themes, WPLMS is still comparable to the fastest themes. One of the major things which changed in version 4 was eliminating our dependency from jQuery, cookies, sessions and moving to a JWT login system built for scalability. There are some amazing technologies which have emerged in 2020 like the serverless / JAMstack and WPLMS version 4 is fully equipped to handle these.

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  1. Hi, can we have closed captions and transcript addons for our videos for accessibility reasons.

    Also it would be great If wplms can populate our course sections and units when instructors embed a YouTube playlist so that we wouldn’t have to manually embed 100s of url one by one if the playlist is a lengthy one.

    Thank you

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