Vibe PWA Framework : WPLMS Apps on iOS , Android & Microsoft

The WPLMS Project is built on the Vibe PWA Framework for WordPress. We have some great news, now you can publish Apps using the Vibe PWA framework on all platforms.

Try out these apps :

iOS :

Android :

Windows :

This presents a case with tremendous possibilities for the Vibe PWA framework. You get a lot of benefits like :

a. Develop once, get in all apps

b. All apps at once for all devices

c. all apps at once for all platforms

d. All apps at once for All member types

We are working on some really interesting projects for the Vibe Framework and it means once it is complete, you will get those features on all platforms without spending extra $ for the Apps. PWA are also perfectly suited for distributed environments like the server-less platforms and the distributed apps.

Upcoming in Vibe Framework

  1. Purchase Process inside PWA [ Android / iOS ]
  2. All directories inside PWA [ Members complete, Groups complete ]
  3. AI powered Worksheets Addon [ December 2021 ]
  4. Classrooms Addon [ Releasing soon ]
  5. Video Recording capabilities inside PWA, video already live. [ releasing soon ]
  6. Exportable Courses [ releasing soon ]

Further sections we are working on and which will be working on in 2022 :

  1. AI powered Curriculum for Adaptive Courses.
  2. AI powered Quizzes for adaptive Quizzes.
  3. Proctored Quizzes with face detection.
  4. Simple Games builder in Education.

Further exploration :

  1. An educational CRM
  2. Complete School Management on WPLMS

We are really excited to showcase the power of the Vibe PWA platform and give the best of the technology to our customers. Thank you for supporting the WPLMS Project.

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