Moodle Migration Testing

Finally the most awaited moodle migration plugin is here. Now you can migrate your courses from Moodle to WPLMS. Its in testing phase so we need some moodle courses to test it. Please share course’s backup data (.mbz file) with us. It will be helpful for us to develop a better plugin.

What it does :

  • Migrate all of your courses from Moodle to WPLMS.
  • Import quizzes.
  • Import user information.
  • Import files.

How it works :

This is still in Beta Phase as we require some moodle course exports to test our migration plugin .

So please contribute to the development of this migration tool to wplms by sharing some sample course exports with us on [email protected]

(The moodle course you share remains confidential to us only  )

download link :