Gamification in eLearning is a way to keep your students engage. This is perhaps the most important task for any eLearning platform, to make eLearning fun.

To compensate the lack of physical presense of an Instructor, the innovative features of an online learning space matter a lot in determining the success of your online education platform.

Countless studies have shown the impact of Engaging online courses actually outperform physical education. Gamification can really turn your education content into a fun eLearning tool.

WPLMS inbuilt Gamification Module.

WPLMS comes with its own inbuilt set of Gamification that is right built in the LMS. The WPLMS uses a Points system which reward badges to students as certain points. These points and rewards are created by administrator.

Here’s how it works :

  1. Administrator creates a series of Badges that are to be awarded to the Users of the side.
  2. Each badge is awarded when the user achieves certain points.
  3. These points can be awarded for various purposes from

See video:

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