Wplms comes with inbuilt MicroLearning elements and Tools. The microlearning elements make your content fun and easy to learn. It is one of the most important element of any Learning management system.

WPLMS comes inbuilt with MicroLearning elements like

  1. Videos,
  2. Presentations,
  3. FlashCards,
  4. Scratch Cards,
  5. Image reveals,
  6. Hotspots,
  7. Memory games
  8. Card stack.


One of the most popular forms of elearning microlearning. A simple card which flips to show the backside. You can use it to create easy questionaires or simply to give fun to your elearning content.

Font View
Flip view

Scratch Cards

Similar to flashcards a scratch card is where the user needs to scratch the surface to make the underneath surface appear.

Font View
Flip view

Image Reveal

Two images overlap one on top of another. A Slider appears on moving the slider it reveals the image underneath it.

Image hotspots

Instructors marks hotspots on images which show description when clicked on them.

Memory Game

A grid memory game appears. Instructor uploads images and the students match the images.

Instructor creating memory game
Student view of memory game.

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