Learning Experience

Features for Learners / Students

Learning experience is the most important part of your Education business. This is what your students experience, this is what creates your brand and this is what separates you from  the crowd. Learn how the WPLMS will impact the learning experience of your learners and create an overall positive impact that your learners won’t forget.

AI Powered Learning

AI Powered units and self adjusting curriculum are two most powerful features which make your site a “class” apart from the rest.

Units that detect & match motion, sounds and curriculum that auto-adjusts based on Learner progress improve learner retention and learnability of your courses.

Engaging Learning Area

Making courses enjoyable is the most important part for Learning experience. WPLMS comes with state of the art engaging Learning area with tools that even best of online learning sites are envy of. 

Inbuilt Live search, Private notes, comments, discussions and live chat. Unit content types like Code Compiler, Custom Video Player, H5P player, Scorm driver, xAPI player and more

Multi-Device Anytime Anywhere Learning

Whether your students like to study on a desktop, or a tablet or even a mobile phone. The WPLMS ships with one App platform which provides consistent user experience across devices and their progress and reports remain in sync on all devices at all the times.

eLearning Community

Peer learning with community support. Students in WPLMS social learning platform can easily interact and get advantage of peer learning. 

With features likes Community Helpdesk ,Forums,Friends, Followers, Notifications, Private Messaging, Knowledge Base, Notes, Discussions, Reviews and more

MicroLearning Elements

MicroLearning is the latest trend in eLearning. Simple Byte sized engaging learning elements make online learning enjoayable experience.

WPLMS Ships with Inbuilt Microlearning elements like :  FashCards, Image hotspots, Match Image Grid, ScratchCards , Deck of Cards and Swipe to reveal image.


Making courses enjoyable and improve the retention rates using Gamification.

WPLMS Ships with inbuilt Gamification module. Features like Points, Bots, Animation, Realtime Contests, Leaderboards and more engage your students.


Certification is one of the objectives of any eLearning site. You can provide Certifications, users can display those certificates on their profiles.

WPLMS has a drag drop certificate builder with PDF generation, Certificate validation and expiration support.


WPLMS comes with inbuilt badges. Award badges at various trigger points in your LMS. Motivate your learners and keep them engaged. Syncronise with Mozilla Open Badges system.

Learning Paths

Enable your learners to decide their own learning paths. Provide more than one way to complete a Learning objective.

Learning paths provide users with alternative methods / paths to complete the courses just like the credit system of a uiversity. Learning paths are perfect for degree courses and cumulative development of a student.

Drip Courses

Drip courses to keep a check on your students from finished courses too fast. Release units, sections according to learning progress and time spent in courses.

Classes & Batches

Create classes, add students, teachers, moderators and track progress.  Just like a real school class or a corporate training batch you can add members to this group. Create leaderboard, add calendar, timetable and many more features.

Video Conferencing & online classes

Packed with support for online conferencin WPLMS supports, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi and BigBlueButton modules


Book instructor, book classes in a neat calendar based booking system. Group bookings, automatically create video conferences with reminders.

Notes & Discussions

Private notes on units and discussion on units with ask instructor feature is available. The student can create notes and ask questions to instructor on the unit. Also see all the questions in a separate notes and discussions panel.

Course & Instructor Reviews

Students can rate and review courses and Instructors. These reviews can be displayed on Courses and instructor profiles


WPLMS comes with state of the art quizzing module. Quizzes which have static question set, dynamic question set, sectional dynamic question sets, timed questions, unlimited automatic and manual evaluations. Re-evaluations . Quizzes that work offline when server crashes or becomes offline.

Leaderboards & Reports

Leaderboards  and reporting module is one of the key strengths of WPLMS. You can get top 10 students for any module in WPLMS. Static and custom reports builder is inbuilt in WPLMS.

Activity tracking

Everything in WPLMS is tracked via an activity module. It tracks all events, activity and courses. Also tracks xAPI statements and SCORM progress reports. 

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